Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Top 5 - Childhood Toys

As a child born in 1990, I regard myself a true '90's kid'. There always seems to be a big buzz online of 90's vintage and nostalgia so I thought I would list my Top 5 Childhood Toys!
Obviously there was alot to choose from with that decade giving birth to some very popular crazes such as Tamagotchi's, Pog's, Pokemon and more. I had all of these but below is my list of things I played with the most!

I had lots of Puppy in my pocket toys as well as the 'Animal Hospital' version of the toys too. Remember those?
The little plastic dog figures with a red 'sore' patch on their paw or ear that magically was made better when you washed it with warm water. I can't find any information about these toys at all, although there is a modern version with 7 new different varieties of animal. You could buy them as a packet that came with 1 figure and an identification card that was also ran as a promotion in Kelloggs cereal as well as play sets. Looking back, defiantly my favorite toy ever! I'd still play with them now if I had some...ha.

This seems a little unspecific but I didn't know how else to class it. I had all sorts of soft toys from Disney shop teddies, TY beanie babies and normal unbranded animals. I remember carrying them around with my arms full, tucking them into bed and kissing each one individually. Typing it sounds a bit strange but I guess I've just always been an animal lover! Simba (who was mentioned in this post) was my main teddy and I still have him, he went everywhere with me even abroad on holidays, I carried him by the back meaning he has no stuffing there and even cut his hair with nail scissors at one point..oops.

 Another way I used my imagination as a kid was through art. I drew and coloured in alot! These Disney art sets full of pens, pencils, paints etc were brilliant to keep all of  my art stuff in one place. I also loved the Disney pencil cases that had little compartments that were opened by the push of a button.

A true blast from the past is Teddy Ruxpin. I don't think I know anyone else who had one. Simply he was a toy talking bear who's mouth would move as the tape you inserted played a story. I only ever had the one cassette and book but it kept me occupied. It was the best selling toy of 1985/86 and although the original manufacturer liquidated in 1991 he was picked up by Hasbro and sold under the Playskool line, popularity dwindled on and off until 2005 when its the producer replaced the cassette tapes with digital cartridges. He's no longer made by that company which is a big shame!

The original 1989 Polly Pockets (under an inch high) have now been replaced with a larger doll (two to three inches tall) which doesnt really justify the name I think. The tiny play sets were much better back in the 1990's, 'pocket' sized and perfect to take on journeys to keep kids occupied. The history of the tiny lady and her world is pretty sweet, check it out here

A very girly post, I know. But I am a girl after all... Do you remember any of these? What did you play with as a kid?


  1. I LOVED PUPPY IN MY POCKET! I had over one hundred, I thik. I wish I had saved them just for memories.

  2. I had so many of the polly in my pockets! And the soft toys!!

  3. I think I had a few of the puppy in my pockets from cereal packets. I remember because they slept in my bed along with ALL my other toys/teddies like you also mentioned. I was crammed into a tiny little space because my teddies took so much space and I also used to kiss them all goodnight.

    I remember those pencil cases, they were amazing and I had a polly pocket too.

    Nice post. There are far too many of these 90s posts that I see that are just copied from the internet and I know they've not wrote then! xx

  4. The little dog in the cage! Aww I had a few of those. What about tamagotchi, I accidentally reset mine and cried! Shout out to Polly Pocket as well
    x GNAR MOSH x