Thursday, 4 October 2012

Out and About - Seaton Deleval Hall

It's only taken us a year, but we finally visited the Grade 1 listed country house that is so close to our home.
The Hall and grounds are, obviously, located in Seaton Deleval, Northumberland just minutes away from us in the car so last Saturday we ventured along for a little day out.

Since December 2009 the hall has been property of the National Trust though before that it had a brilliant history. All beginning in the 1080s, the Delevals were gifted land by William the Conqueror, whom they were loyal supporters of, for their help during the battle of Hastings though it wasn't until the 1700s that the building was commissioned to be built.

[For more on the history, which I reckon you should check out, CLICK HERE!]

Who knew we had such amazing history practically in our back garden?!

We spent a little time in the main building, reading a few snippets of things in the archives which was really interesting, and taking photos of course. Then we had a peak in the old stables and each of the ex resident horses names were scripted above their tethers - there was one names 'Regulus' which any other Harry Potter fan will share my excitement about hopefully!
Before heading into the grounds and rose garden we ventured down to the cellars which, although many of the rooms had widows, I still found scary.

Outside there was so much to look at and photograph. I'm not a fan of flowers but even in autumn the gardens looked amazing. We tried to spy some bird but they were all shy, all we caught on camera was a little bee busy at work and some (disgusting) butterflies that even made my stomach turn while editing their portraits...

There are also many statues dotted around the place...

As well as a small church in the grounds too.

We had a fabulous day exploring, as always with places like this and took way too many photos. There were alot more I wanted to include but just couldn't face cropping/grouping etc. Here are a couple that Jake took that I adore!

And finally a back shot of the hall that I took.

 Maybe we'll revisit again at a later date and include some different photos. I'd like to look more into this too -

'As with many big old houses, Seaton Delaval Hall is alleged to have a ghost. According to family biographer, Francis Askham:
There is a first-floor window on the North front of Seaton Delaval where, so it would seem from one particular part of the forecourt, a white-clad figure is standing. This, according to legend, is the White Lady, a girl who fell in love with the Delaval heir and died of a broken heart because the marriage was forbidden.'  [Source]


  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful trip - I love the look of the older buildings!

    1. Thank you! It was a lovely day out yes and thankfully, as you can see, the weather was beautiful too! I'd live there if I could haha.

  2. Oh my! Thanks for the tour! Amazing shots.