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What's Going On? - Interview with Most Tattooed Politician!

Following my post discussing my views on tattoos and the discrimination surrounding them, I was approached via twitter by the worlds most tattooed politician! 
He very nicely spent some time answering a short interview especially for me to post for all my readers! I hope it is of interest to you, it certainly was to me. So here it goes...

Firstly, Hello! And thank you very much for being apart of my blog.
We'll just kick straight off with the questions as I can imagine you're a very busy man.

So can you just describe simply who you are and what you do?
No problem and I hope its of interest to your readers.

I am Body Art best shortened as full name is a mouth full. I am 32 from Birmingham, England, U.K.

As for what I do it may be easier if I listed what I didn't ha.
I undertake televised and media work, modelling work and other freelance contracts that interest me.I am one of 2 international representatives for MOD World and the Founder of Modify. Two groups that revolve around modern day Body Modification.

I am a member of a political party one that is in coalition government at moment.
Without viewing to much of my own political agenda i am here to discuss Human Body Alteration Process and its future in the modern world.

How long have you been interested in and active within the political world?
I have had an interest in politics for a number of years, about 6 years. One of my old Managing Directors would often discuss various things going on and I decided to take up an interest. After all votes are our way of having a voice !

What is your aim, how do you hope to achieve it and how is it progressing?
I am focused on raising the bar on body modification discrimination.

I am a member of a lawyer association and am in contact with legal professionals and building a list of organisations out their already campaign for change.

What we can do is promote Equality Act religion / Belief area protected characteristics. Articles in the human rights act such as freedom of expression.
I want as many people out there to know that you may have to wear a uniform given to you by an employer yet your vessel (body) is yours. You are born with your skin and hopefully you will leave this world with it to.
We are not born with surgical alterations like race / colour, yet by changing our bodies through HBAP (human body alteration process) we are not less capable of skills as the next person.

I am in contact with departments in government from the Department for work and pensions, the equality office, the department for education and other ministers of cross parties.It is a long and hard road, I feel it will take time, however by doing something it is better than sitting back and doing nothing but moan.

What political party do you represent, when and why did you start following them?
I touched on the fact that I am a member of the Liberal Democrat party. I chose them because of their open liberal views and that is something I can relate to. I am lucky to of spent time talking to the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg about Employment Issues.

Can you remember your first tattoo, how many do you have and do you have any favorites?
My first needle experience was on Friday 17th May 1996, I looked older than what I was at the time and chose a British Bulldog design with flags and a scroll. I chose to leave the scroll empty for over a decade and eventually had 1st tattoo etched into it!

I am close to 300 hours of needle work and always say I have 0 tattoos and lots of surgical art. So if someone says they have 6 tattoos I say they have 6 more than me.

I have meaningful designs on me. Years 79 when I was born and 03 when my daughter was born. I have betrayed inked into my right leg with tally lines on its a reminder of my past. I like all my art. I have had laser removal yet to free up space for new designs. I have had cover Ups even on my face multiple times.

Give us an example of the struggles and discrimination you have faced as a result of being heavily body modified.
The worst and most shocking is being stabbed. Name calling is bad enough but being sliced into and left for dead is one of the most traumatic times in mine and my families lifetime. That happened just a few years ago in May 2009 outside a police station of all places on other side of road where I live! The guy was drunk under indulgence of drugs and clearly did not like my tattoos. He stabbed me from behind after going past him.I know people who have left jobs or not got jobs on there appearance and that is wrong.

How about the other politicians? How do they react to you and what you stand for? 
With regards to other politicians they are all different, as we all are. The Lords and Baronesses are more took back and snobbery does exist and some look down at you.Its how you put your points and arguments across in the long term that's how you get respected.
For a tattoo discrimination problem can then lead into a NHS statistic and an NHS statistic could lead into another issue.
Schools also need to modernize teachings as a child with red or blue hair can still do 3 times table read books and participate in sports etc.

I hope that covers most things and thanks for platform,

Regards, most tattooed King Of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite.

I am very excited to be able to post this here. I was completely unaware of this legislation and indeed of 'Body Art' himself, so I hope this helps to spread the word of his amazing work! If you would like to read more of his legislation you can see it HERE. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter

[EDIT - Also, for anyone interested here is a link to a post about the discrimination in the states.] 

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  1. W/out giving my age, I recall w/great clarity the 60s & 70s when blacks were denied employment for wearing afros, corn-rows. Employers would not even employ black females who wore hoop ear-rings, claiming that it was anti-american looking. This is sort of the same prejudice as the tattoo & mohawk people. I remember this so well, because I had to apply chemicals on my natural kinky hair to make it look straight like white people's hair, just so I could get an interview. Needless to say, I did not get the job after suffering the chemical burns on my scalp - just to fit into a society to render myself EMPLOYABLE!