Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cuteness Overload V.4

The last two versions of this series have been a slight cop out and bragging session from yours truly so this time I did some searching around to find some more cute and heartwarming animal stories!

I have always been amazed by guide dogs, how they manage to do such an important job, providing those who lack the ability to see for themselves with some freedom in life. I bet you've never heard of a dog with a guide dog though!

This is Leo and Ellie. Ellie was one out of a litter of five puppies rescued by the RSPCA and due to the conditions she was found in she has cataracts, only being able to see shadows.
Thankfully for her Leo's owner, a RSPCA volunteer, adopted little Ellie into her family and the two dogs hit it off right away!
Despite the size difference between them, Leo the German Shepard cross guided little Ellie around on walks, warning off the more lively dogs and she liked to snuggle up to her big friend at home.

How sweet is that?!

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