Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's My Life - Currently

Lots and lots of 90's classics! Yes, since we got our broadband in all I have done is work my way through old Nickelodeon series'. So far I've watched 3 seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch but I'm also looking forward  to Saved By The Bell and Kenan and Kel!
I've been catching up on the Shaytards over on YouTube too.

Working On.
Just now my life revolves around puppy training and blogging. If only I could get paid for it.

Listening To. 
I've tried to get into the new No Doubt album (without being wowed) as well as other CD's from my collection but always seem to find myself going back to the Rick Ross - Rich Forever album. I'm pretty stuck on it. I just hope I don't over listen to it.

The end of the world! Well maybe not quite that dramatic, there will be a post to come nearer the event itself but I find the whole 'Myan Calender Ending' and 'Apocalypse' expectations fascinating.

Thinking About.
The fact that its November. What the what?! Where has 2012 gone? My mood declines the colder the weather gets and especially the closer it gets to Christmas - although that's a complete other story. I'd love to be all cheery and in the holiday spirit but its's pretty impossible when we can hardly afford to put the radiators on let alone think about buying gifts, food and decorations.

Wishing For.
Our luck to change. Still. Please someone employ my man so that I can officially register as self employed.

Being Thankful For.
My very small, but amazingly supportive circle of family and friends. I have thee actual best parents and partner ever.

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