Saturday, 24 November 2012

It's My Life - I'm Thankful For...

With the American Holiday of Thanksgiving having just passed on the 22nd I thought I'd share a quick list of things that I am thankful for.

First off and most important of all is my little family. I mention them quite alot but as someone who only has one or two real friends my parents, Nana and partner are my world. Jake has turned my world around and makes me laugh everyday without fail. My Mam and Dad have gone above and beyond the normal parent duties and supported both Jake and I so much since moving into our flat while we searched for work and my Nana is such an amazing lady. She has done so well since losing my Granda and has always been the actual nicest person ever, I'm proud to be her Granddaughter.

Then there is our little home town. Its in the perfect location, I don't think I could ever not live on the coast. People travel from all around south Northumberland and Newcastle to come to Blyth as we have thee nicest beach around!

Next up is our 3 children. Who just so happen to be what other people refer to as 'pets'. Bunny, Nike and Baker have given us a reason to get up in the morning when out of work and don't fail to make anyone smile!
When out for walks people always stop to talk to us when we have Baker too, which is a big change to just people looking at us funnily as we passed.

And finally all the small trivial things that don't really matter but I am grateful for -
*Disney for cementing my fairy tale dreams. I'll always wish upon a star, never grow up and strive to be friends with all the woodland creatures, just like Snow White!
*Google for helping me with almost everything in life.
*The cosmetic brands that give me confidence while still being animal cruelty free.
*Harry Potter books and movie for keeping my childhood alive and always being there if I need to escape into a magical world for a while.
*Talk Talk for providing us with amazingly affordable broadband, home phone and TV so we can keep in touch with the world.
*And of course Blogger. It's my creative outlet, allowing me to express my opinion and has helped me realize how much I really love writing!

I wish all of you who celebrate a belated 'Happy Thanksgiving!' and hope you all had a brilliant time shared with the people you love most.
Please feel free to share what YOU are thankful for in the comments, if you celebrate the holiday or not. :)


  1. Great list! What would we do without Google!? And I so want to squeeze that cuteness overload of a puppy!

    1. Thanks! Haha Defiantly, Google is a life saver!
      And thank you, he's hard work but knows how to use his cuteness to his advantage! lol :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    I am thankful to my dad , he is the reason of all of my success and my happiness. My all agreeableness and pride is only because of him :)
    Oh haha I am also thankful to Disney for providing us so many childhood memories which are still on our minds :)
    I always think harry Potter as my family member, thanks to him too :) I always cried whenever anyone died in Harry Potter from Harry's side :'(

  3. Aw that's lovely you have such a supportive Dad, just like me! :)
    Me too! Hedwig and Dobby's deaths were particularly hard for me lol I cried while reading the book and every time I watch the movies ;)

  4. Hi Danielle, I just found you thanks to Anna from The Dusty Attic, and I'm so glad I did! Your list really struck a cord with me because I, too love Google, Harry Potter and our many pets. Dogs make life so much more fun with their exuberance, goofy doggy smiles and unconditional love. Plus Snowy, my Kuvasz, is the best personal trainer I could ask for, she drags me out for (almost) daily walks and keeps the chub at bay. I can't wait to explore your blog more!
    xx Miriam