Thursday, 8 November 2012


I am very happy to be writing this post as it means I have actually stuck with this new blogging venture.
100 posts! And I think 90% of them are quality posts.

I do put a lot of time and effort as well as research and planning into the content you'll see and read here.

I pride myself of including a mix of posts to appeal to a range of people, from my strong opinions (which I know are an acquired taste) to my photography and posts about daily life.
Over the past 11 months I have gotten into a proper drafting and posting schedule and have been trying my hardest to build up an audience, which I am glad to say has grown vastly recently - I am now close to 10,000 views!

Here I want to thank all of my regular readers for sticking with me and welcome any new readers.
Pretty please feel welcome to get in contact with me and let me know your thoughts, opinions or requests. You can always comment on any posts (even if you don't have a blogger account) and feel free to email me at .

You can also get in contact over at the facebook page! Just click the facebook button below to be directed there! Once you like the page it will pop up on your news feed when a new post is published, plus sneeky peeks of upcoming posts.


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Thanks again for reading.
- Danielle


  1. Always enjoy reading your bloggs and seeing your photos and some bloggs i might not agree on but never the less everybody has right to their opinions and people should remember this when making their comments :) keep up the good work darl i always look foward to reading them WELL DONE !!! We are both SO proud of you especially your photography xxxxx

  2. congrats on your 100th post! especially if most of your posts are quality posts :)

    i got to your blog thru bloggers btw. haha it started at the forums when i clicked on your tattoo post. which then led me to your profile and finally to your blog!

    anyways, i just wanted to say hi! if you have some free time, check out my facial spa giveaway, it ends in a week! have a good day!

    - sarah -