Saturday, 10 November 2012

Opinions of a Housewife - I'm British But...

A light bulb appeared above my head right now whilst looking through other British blogs.
Alot of them seem to live up to the 'Stereotypes' that Americans seem to label us Brits with, so I want to stand out a prove we are not all that you think we are!

So here it goes.
I'm British but...

Food and Drink
It is an extremely well known stereotype that we all drink vasts amount of tea. Unfortunately, that is true in that case of my other half but as for me - I hate it!
Also, although this refers more to Ireland, the Brits are usually portrayed by the Americans as big drinkers..especially of beer. Another thing I don't like.
Traditional meals associated with the United Kingdom are things like a roast beef 'Sunday Lunch', fish and chips and Crumpets. Again, I eat none of the above.

Language and Social Standing
This country has hundreds of regional dialects but apparently we all talk like we're apart of the Royal Family. 'The Queens English' is also not only spoken by 'posh' people or those of a higher social class. Related to that is our apparent obsession with the social hierarchy. There are not only the rich, middle class and poor. I don't regard myself as any of them.
I have, whilst researching on the internet for this post, come across of very offensive American perceptions stating that we are 'Snobbish' and 'callous'. I believe you'll find, especially in the North East, we are very friendly, passionate people.  I do like to be polite and like anyone that has been brought up properly I have good manners, but that is defiantly not a characteristic of all British people - I wish it was.

Appearance and Hobbies
I'll skip over the pale skin point because that's something that I don't defy, but never mind, one out of them all isn't bad. However I strongly have to argue the point of our bad teeth and personal hygiene. How can the whole of the UK have poor hygiene regimes?! Some of these Stereotypes are actually ridiculous.
Hobbies such as hunting and horse racing are popular with the apparent 'higher classes' but we do not all like football and cricket. In fact I like MMA and martial arts such as Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling and have done for around 7 years now.

I want to include a few screen caps of opinions I found online, alot are not very nice at all but I found the same statements being said alot, hence must be popular impression of the British.
[Click to see bigger!!]


  1. Totally agree with you on this :) simple as that xx

  2. Wow! I find it sad that many of my fellow Americans are that ignorant, but not surprised. I can relate though. I'm from Texas and of Mexican descent and definitely do not fit many of their stereotypes either. For example: I loathe cowboy boots and I'm an only child! lol That being said, I love the way you've addressed it in this post.

    1. Yeah, I wish stereotypes in general just didn't exist.
      Thanks alot for reading :) Glad you enjoyed.