Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Share The Love V.4 Etsy Edition

Unfortunately, I haven't come across any new blogs to share this month. However I thought that I'd have a little search on Etsy and find some cool stores to share. 
Here is what I found!

This handmade jewelry store is right up my street!
I'm not a one to really to wear many accessories but I always have a small collection of friendship bracelets on my right wrist, any of these would make a fantastic addition, the lady that makes them can customize your order to specific colours and stuff too - how cool, its always nice to know you have something different from others!
Obviously the first image below is not a bracelet, but a necklace and the only reason its there is because its the sign of the Deathly Hallows, yey for Harry Potter geekyness.

The Paper Drawer (who also have a blog!) has got to be one of the most original, unique and well executed ideas I've seen. Not only does the product look 100% genuine but who wouldn't want their letter from Hogwarts! Mine must be here...because 11 years later, it still hasn't found it's way to me.  

I have a big gap on a wall in my sitting room and these beautiful prints would be perfect to fill it. The only artwork that ever gets hung on our walls is Jake's old skateboard decks or the self portraits we've taken over the last year alongside the canvases of our names. But, I would love the 'D' and 'J' monogrammed initial prints. They are very much antique looking and old fashioned to match our personality's and interests well. There are lots of others as well as initials too, inspired by other fantastical story's such as Narnia and The Secret Garden. I love them all!

Another shop that would help make our place that little bit more homely is Banished
The handmade wooden signs here have a bit more edge than those you can by in the shops with words, carved out of your choice of wood and stain, like 'geek' and 'bacon' which I'm sure my other half would like.  My absolute favorite is the 'Namaste' sign as it just links back to the 'Lost' tv series for me. 

Although I haven't (and obviously couldn't afford to of) bought anything from any of these sellers yet, I'll defiantly make a return visit when funds permit. There is such a vast range of items available on Etsy so if you haven't ever been introduced, go have a look around! If you have, do you have any favorite sellers or items you've bought? Share in the comments!


  1. Thanks so much for the your write up about the Paper Drawer, great blog!


  2. love all of the above sites some very different things as treats or gifts hope lots of people have a look at this blogg :)