Thursday, 1 November 2012

What's Going On? - All Hallows Eve

Most commonly known as 'Halloween' the yearly autumn holiday has long lost its tradition and instead been replaced by women prancing around scantily clad and children wearing 'scream' masks begging for money and sweets at strangers doors.

The origins of Halloween span some 2,000 years back to the time of the Celts of the UK, Ireland and France. November 1st was what they celebrated as their New Year after the summer and harvests and the beginning of the winter. This time of year was associated with the most human deaths, most probably because of the cold dark days and nights. 
The night before,October 31st, was thought to be the night where the worlds of the living and the dead became closer. The Celt's thought that this made it easier for the Druids (their priests) to make predictions about the future which provided comfort during the winter months. 
Alongside this, they believed that the spirits of the dead visited earth destroying their crops and causing disruption. This is where the tradition of costume wearing started. To celebrate the Samhain holiday people would dress in animal skins and heads and light bonfires to ward off the 'ghosts'.
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Now the autumn holiday has become a cheap and tacky celebration of nothing-in-particular. Ask any child what Halloween is about and the first answer would most likely be 'Candy'. 
Although the wearing of costumes dates back to the early days,  I'm pretty sure they didn't dress us as a 'sexy' nurse or sexualized Disney princess' - that wouldn't be very intimidating.

I've never been the type to celebrate Halloween (as in go to parties or trick or treat) and I suppose it isn't as big a deal here in the UK as it is in America, but I think that people should know of and remember the origins of the holiday they are 'celebrating' (or should I say, using as another excuse to get drunk!).
Next year I hope to step it up a notch and decorate all autumn like even more but this year we neither had the time or the money to go all out :( I hope you took the time to honor the deceased. 
I spent yesterday remembering my lost loved ones, family, friends and pets. Oh, and of course watching my favorite TV show from when I was younger. This episode definitely expresses the real meaning of Halloween! 

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