Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Charity Spotlight V.4

Around 230,000 elderly people are spending this holiday season alone.
Imagine being completely alone on Christmas day. Missing lost loved ones and unable to leave the house due to weather conditions.
Well research has shown that not only is loneliness a state of mind but has serious health effects too, posing similar effects to that of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Now of course there are people suffering loneliness everyday of the year, but when the holiday's are a time meant for spending time with family it can hit people hard. A TV shouldn't have to be peoples form of company.

That's where you come in.
If you have an elderly neighbor or member of the family make sure to include them. Invite them around to spend time with you and go to visit regularly. Popping around to visit a neighbor  for a quick chat and cup of tea once a week could make a huge difference.

If you can't help out that way, why not check out AgeUK and maybe make a donation.

For anyone who saw Paul O'Grady's - For the Love of Dogs I'm sure Max's story would of touched your heart. Although the lady who had to give him up could no longer look after him, he found an amazing home with a retired gentleman who lived alone. BUT I have come across a fabulous organization that helps older people in the care of their dogs so they can keep their best friend around for longer.
Please check out The Cinnamon Trust where you can volunteer to walk someones dog in your area and foster pets short term until they find new homes in the sad event of their owners passing.

It is the season to be giving and helpful, so why not do something productive. Thank you for reading, pass this post on!

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