Sunday, 16 December 2012

I Wish, List V.8 Photographer Edition

Camera Lens Mug I don't drink hot drinks but I think making Jake's cup of tea would be a little more entertaining if it were made in this.

Magnetic Polarframes I Love these cute magnetic photo frames shaped like Polaroid pictures!

Photo-opoly Board Game I'm a Photographer and a Monopoly player. Need I say more?

Novelty SD card Photo Album

Wide Angle + Fish Eye Lens for Mobile Phones I was aware of these fish eye lens for iPhones, and as an anti-Apple user I was pleased to find these universal versions! HTC ftw haha.

Photographers Diary

35mm Film USB Drive Maybe a little bulky and slightly impractical, but very cute and Ilford is exactly what I have always used in my Praktica.


  1. I have a kodak b&w usb :D the best valentines present I've ever had haha
    I love the photo album that's pretty awesome!