Saturday, 15 December 2012

Inked & Awesome - Ian Hinksman

Name: Ian Hinksman

How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?
17 and a very cringe worthy British bulldog which is now covered up.

What is your employment status/occupation and do your tattoos effect it? 
I work in a surf shop so it doesn't effect my work there. I also have my own promotions and events company and photography studio, for the events it doesn't matter as the music we deal with is alternative. For the studio I will cover up on certain jobs i.e weddings, functions and from time to time certain shoots depending on what/who is involved I'm sure I would be okay but living in Malta it's not as forward as the UK so I make the decision myself based on the job.
'With this one I wanted to keep with the Japanese style so went with a Manga character holding the logo of my company as the balloon.'
What is your favorite piece? What is the story behind it?
That has to be the Japanese sleeve there is a number of meanings to the sleeve as a whole Firstly its based on ying yang, the geisha being feminine, the samurai being masculine force. There is of course all the elements -water which flows the whole arm, earth being the tree and Mt Fuji,  fire in the samurai armor and wind which is blowing the flowers. 
Each piece has a meaning the koi meaning perseverance, geisha - patience, samurai - mental attitude. The sleeve as a whole also has a real story behind it (feel free to read from this as its very long to write in here lol)

Do you have a favorite artist who you go back to or do you collect different artists work? Why?
Yes I have a favorite artist simply as he is f'ing good!!! :) But I do also like to get work from different artists simply because each person ha there own style. I also get them to sign work off when finished skin or canvas it needs a signature 
'This one is my owl that's still to be finished (just needs colour). The meaning is wisdom and freedom, I had it given the four eyes so it's trippy like life isn't always what is seems...'
Have you faced any specific discrimination due to being tattooed?
Where I live yeah certain jobs I can not do/ been refused. Other than the work aspect in certain areas it's fine and to be honest most people like my ink 

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