Saturday, 15 December 2012

It's My Life - Seasonal Decor

This year I tried a little harder to make the flat a bit more festive. We already had our tree, but have had to put it on a table this year to protect it from tiny little teeth! Other than that I have crafted a few homemade bits and pieces to snazz up the place.
Here are some photos.

[From top to bottom - Our glittery star // My little wall decoration I made from twisted white and red wool, candy canes and tartan ribbon // An old school Mickey tree decoration from when I was little // Candles and another home made item - glass jar with lights and bits inside // The robin that Jake picked as our 2012 mascot // Unfortunately none of my fancy wrapping (ill hopefully show you next year!) this year as we cant afford to give gifts, but a few very kind presents from my parents // Our sea shell and beach glass collection all lit up // Some of the other things hanging out on our tree // Hand sewn stocking! There are three, but with being busy with work I've only managed to complete one so far. // Close up of my personalized snow globe hanger! // Card display. 

I'd love to live in a house and be able to go all out with a huge real tree, a wreath on the door and all that jazz but for now this will have to do when living on a budget. Maybe one day. What are your decorations like? Do you have just the basics or the whole sha-bang? I'd love to see your photos.

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  1. Well done darl your decs look fab and they are even more special and unique as nobody else will have anything like them an idea for a card tree is a small brach (twig ) decorate it spray gold or just twist coloured ribbon or wool around it then you could hang cards or baubles on it or both afective and pretty cool Agnes the lady i used to vist used to use one every year even so well done very creative and you don't have to spend a fortune :) ok love it xx