Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Soundtrack V.5 Holiday Special!

I am not in the slightest religious. I don't know exactly what I am but I know that I do not believe in 'God' or anything in the Bible. (Which I have read and heard much from as I attended a Catholic Primary School).
This may be very controversial to say as I know there is a huge Christian blogging community, but it is the whole meaning behind Christmas after all so I felt the need to explain my reason for celebrating this time of year as being just an extension of thankfulness for the people I am close to.

That all being said, this 'Soundtrack' post is of the Carols and songs I enjoy the most that do not contain any mention of religion.

My all time favorite being...

This for the nostalgia...

I'm not a huge fan of this song and the lyrics, but Jimmy Eat World are one of my favorite bands and did an awesome cover of it.

Had to sneak a Disney-ish one in there!

What are your favorite seasonal songs??

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  1. Ah Danielle i don't think you could have choosen any better songs,the first one always reminds me of Home Alone brill and the others are great tunes aswell love it x