Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Top 5 - Christmas Movies

So the holiday season has inevitably arrived and that means curling up on the sofa, PJs on, with a box of chocolates and lots of movies!
I for one am terrible at making the decision of what to watch even though we have a large DVD collection and access to almost any movie we can imagine with the internet. That's were Google comes in. With my usual search phrase being along the lines of  'Top Disney Movies' or 'Best movies of the 90's' I gathered a best Christmas movie list would helpful to people with a problem similar to mine.
So here, in no particular order, are my personal 'Top 5' favorite Christmas Movies.

The Santa Clause [1994]
I might go as far to say that this is actually my all time favorite and as with all films that have sequels the first is always the best!

I have seen this film more times than I can count (as with alot of Disney features) but can't actually believe its now 18 years old!! Tim Allen played an excellent part in the typical heartwarming, holiday time, family story with the message of  'Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist' resounding still in my head from back when I first viewed it as a child.
Through asking around on social media sites, I've found this to be mentioned quite alot as a favorite. I know I'll be watching it this month!

Elf [2003]
By far the most hilarious Christmas movie EVER. Will Ferrell features very heavily in our personal collection although we seem not to of included Elf yet. While it is classed as a family comedy it seems to be a favorite of adult viewers rather than the children, particularly men from my research. It's cute story line mixed with just pure sillyness secures Elf a place on my list. Oh, and did you know that Buddy's 12 second belch was actually real?! Dubbed by voice actor Maurice LaMarche.

The Nightmare Before Christmas [1993]
An alternative to the in your face touching seasonal stories, The Nightmare Before Christmas is also different from the traditional winter viewing as it is a stop motion animation as apposed to a live action feature. Combining the 'worlds' of Halloween and Christmas, this Tim Burton classic originated as a poem that was later to be produced and released under Disney's Touchstone Pictures banner after the thought that it was too gloomy for the primarily child audience. It has now gone on to be the first ever stop motion feature to be completely converted into 3D and has been reissued under Disney Digital 3D label!

Home Alone [1990]
Home Alone is a classic, with 6.1m 'like's on Facebook it's clear to see that that goes without saying. Online critics have harshly classed this as overrated, badly directed with a weak story line, however I have to completely disagree. An 8 year old's ability's to cope alone at home, never mind defend himself from criminals may be slightly exaggerated but none the less makes for a brilliant slapstick comedy, full of Christmas spirit.

A Christmas Carol  [2009]
This is the newest movie on my list, although still 3 years old. I remember going to the cinema to see this with my Dad which is probably why my subconscious sentimental-ness has had me pick this as the last of my top 5. It's the traditional old fashioned story brought up to date as a 3D computer animated comedy drama, with Jim Carey playing a perfect part of Ebenezer Scrooge (and the 3 ghosts who visit him). Until writing this post I was unaware that it is actually another Walt Disney Picture making it Disney's third of the sort after Mickey's Christmas Carol and The Muppets Christmas Carol.
I think it's a never aging story, with brilliant messages that all children should hear.

So that's it. My festive top 5. What do you think? Is your favorite here? If not share what it is and why in the comments below! Merry Christmas viewing!


  1. Hey I really like the effort you put into designing graphics for each movie, nice touch :) And now I really want to watch movies!

  2. Well done Danielle another good blogg and i have enjoyed nearly all of these films and each one is special in its own way, i haven't seen the last one but i have enjoyed other adaptions of the same movie and your graphics are brill keep up the good works darl :)

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