Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Opinions Of A Housewife - Stupid Trends 2012

I was going to write this as a 'My Top 5' post, but I realized there were maybe a few more than five or at least a big rant that would be more fitting as an Opinions post.
As vague as the title is, this is simply a list of recent trends and fashions that just make me think...why?!

So kicking off with a so-called fashion trend - that of hoodies being worn unzipped but with the hood drawstrings tied.  This is my biggest pet peeve! It is serving no purpose what-so-ever apart from making you look like a wannabe super hero. It is neither keeping the hoody closed nor the hood up, so I'd love to know how, why and who decided this was a good look? On a similar note, button up shirts with a T-shirt worn underneath and only the very top button fastened...same theory.

How about men dressing like girls? Surely no lad should be wearing lower cut tops and tighter trousers than their girlfriends so that while the guys are dressing in their girlfriends clothes the lasses have opted to borrows Granny's wardrobe.
I recently watched the 'Free Speech - Body Beautiful Special' on TV (coincidentally filmed 10 mile or so away from me in Newcastle) and they touched on the subject of men becoming more effeminate than ever. Why would a man need to wear make up, use hair straighteners and tweezers?! Okay, you have your gay guys who like to be well groomed but for straight lads I think so far is too far.
Girls also seem to more commonly have have short hair and/or shaved parts in their hair while the guys are strutting around flipping their fringes out of their eyes. Is this the subliminal effect that Justin Bieber and One Direction have had on the world or just feminism gone crazy...?

I'm not a follower of fashion so I'm not sure if this is still 'in', but lots of teens were wearing thick rimmed 'Buddy Holly' style glasses with no prescription in. When I was young (although obviously not nice or politically correct) usually people with glasses were made fun of and called names. Its seems that those who would usually be the bullies are, as always, caving into trends no matter how hypocritical it makes them seem. Having bright coloured hair, piercings and tattoos could also fit in here as I remember very well being teased for having every colour under the sun in my hair. I had green hair at one point and was told it was moldy...yet it's now 'cool' to have ever changing rainbow locks.

Quite annoyingly a vast percentage of people (pretty much the remaining guys who aren't 'pretty boys') are adopting alot of skate and MMA brands into their wardrobes most of which who probably, hold on, I mean defiantly haven't a clue what to 'Tapout' actually is.
This trend has also become popular among photographers it seems and many models are pictured prancing around a skate park scantily clad, laying provocatively on a skateboard or in a MMA 'cage' in nothing but lingerie and fight gloves.
In fact there seems to be alot more people taking up the afor mentioned sports too. I use the term 'taking up' loosely though as although they may own a skateboard or pair of 'Bad Boy' fight shorts I doubt that they will have the passion and determination to stick in and learn the skills needed after a few months of trying to fit in.
Better than the constantly in the way, scooter kids though eh?

As people on social networks tend to say alot - RANT OVER!

Oh, and those little hats that are perched on top of the mop of hair as if they were a skull cap not fulfilling their proposed point of keeping the head warm, what are they about?! Okay, that's really me done now.

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  1. lolll~ i totally agree with you on all of these!! i'm gonna follow your blog now.. i like your style ;)

    - sarah -

    1. Haha, Thank you! I wasn't hopeful that anyone would agree but I'm pleased!
      Thanks for the comment, I love the photos over at you blog and have followed and liked your facebook page :)

      - Danielle

  2. I have to say, this is a pretty ridiculously sexist post.
    This is not the year 1900, men can be as 'effeminite' as they want and it's nobody's business.
    It doesn't matter if they're gay, or straight. Makes no difference at all.
    Likewise it makes no difference if a girl is hairy, or grimy, or manly. And straight.

    You're setting feminism back about a century and statements like these are the ones that promote fear, hate, and inequality to EVERYONE of every gender (or nongender as it were.)

    1. Readers of mine are aware of my views and opinions and as I state in most of them it should be taken with a pinch of salt.
      However - I am, like everyone in this world, entitled to an opinion and if I so wish to state said opinion on my personal blog, I will.

      If you took the time to read about me and more of my views on this blog you would also know that I think feminism is ridiculous. That's not to say that you can't be one.

      If you live your life by being so offended by every tiny opinion that differs to yours I guess you must be a very annoyed person most of the time.