Saturday, 1 December 2012

Out and About - Exploring Holywell Dene

Seeing as Baker is now fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and getting more confident while out on walks, we decided that it was time he was officially introduced to one of our favorite walking spots - Holywell Dene.

It wasn't the nicest of days, it is winter after all, but I still managed to document the trip with a couple of snaps.
There was a strange patch of mist just in one area that I was happy to of been able to capture as well as all the changing colours, new berries and bare branches.

Although little guy is usually better at walking off the lead we kept it all for the duration of his walk because  there are quite a few little drops by the Dene etc and with him still being small our overprotective parental instincts kicked in. He still took the chance to have a good explore and meet some other dogs as always. 

(The magic that is photoshop allowed me to get a handsome posing picture without Bakers lead ruining it!)
As pretty as all the leaves and archways that the branches make are, I can't wait for summer again! Baker will of grown and be big enough to go paddling in the water with me.


  1. Fab,fab,fab one day i would like go to Holywell Dene with you as i want see this place you enjoy so much :) lovely photos as per usual xx

  2. I love these pictures! I've been fascinated with England for as long as I remember. Great blog. :D