Thursday, 10 January 2013

Currently Obsessed V.7

Anyone recognize this guy and his crew?
I don't play on my Xbox a lot because there is a human male that lives in this house meaning its usually occupied. But when I spotted this on the dashboard I had to take over control of the controller! Yes, the game we played all those years ago (well two really, but it seems like forever ago) originally on a desktop PC, has been released as an Xbox arcade download as of May 2012. Woo hoo!

However, the male being previously mentioned has now also become accustomed, okay obsessed, with playing MY game.
As a girly gamer and not a proper hardcore gamer I revel in simple games like this. Although my other favorites are Fable, Lego Harry Potter and Assassins Creed!
I'm pretty chuffed with the castle I've created so far, I even have a pet wolf!

My Castle, My Castle at night, Jake's house in my 'world'.
Do you play video games? Have you played Minecraft? Tell me in the comments ;)

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