Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I Wish, List V.9

Hair Rings  These little gems were brought to my attention by youtube's Grav3yardGirl . You'll see from my 'My Top 5 - YouTubers' post how obsessed I've become with her since stumbling upon her channel and her style is right up my street. I remember a couple of years ago I threaded different beads into my hair for a while and these rings look awesome hair fun!
Bambi Crew It's Disney and it's casual clothing. It's ME.

The Complete History of the World Okay, so I actually bought this. So it doesn't really need to be on here anymore, but I needed to brag. A £75.00 book selling for £40-60 everywhere on the internet was sitting in a dark lonely corner of WH Smiths labeled at £17.50. Needed it. Long story short, got to the till and it scanned at £12.50. Share my excitement?!?!
Jeffrey Campbell Puffer Sandal Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Guh so amazing. But I don't go anywhere to wear a beautiful pair of wedges or heels so these are perfect. Plus they incorporate childhood memories of jelly shoes.
A Desk like this...  Help me find one?
Wakami Earth Bracelet  Funding 28 bowls of food to needy animals, this bracelet is just pretty much the newer version of the one I wear everyday that is also from the Greater Good Network. I love it, but mine is become very worn...hint hint. :)

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