Thursday, 3 January 2013

It's My Life - Christmas Haul

After Christmas, I love to watch all the YouTube present hauls and seeing as I'm too shy to sit and talk to a camera I thought I'd do a similar thing here.
[Disclaimer - I'm not bragging, presents aren't everything etc blah blah blah.]

So yeah, Jake and I couldn't afford to get gifts for each other year and so that we had something to open on Xmas morning my Mam had previously brought down a few of our gifts. 
In those bags were 3 items and all 3 were from my wishlists! haha
First was the pink Lipsy cardigan with black hearts on it, then some Ed Hardy Born Wild perfume along with the Christmas essential of some Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush (which has become a tradition).
I was over the moon. I'm easily pleased and with not having the spare money to spend on myself now that I have a home to think of it was awesome to get some new clothes for myself and some smellys!

We got to go visit my parents on the 27th, finally, which was a present in itself!  But I didn't realize that I was getting more gifts! I got a new 2013 cupcake themed dairy and calender, a 'Lush' Christmas themed gift set full of goodies and some lovely Disney themed bath and beauty products.
Then Mam handed me a box and told me this was my 'main' present. With no idea what it was I opened it up to find a cream leather Chamilia jewelry box containing a beautiful leather charm bracelet full of charms.
Earlier in the year I lost my Pandora bracelet that had my Disney charms on and this beautiful replacement 
had the same, Minnie, Mickey and Tinkerbell accompanied by a heart and Jake and I's initials! Inevitably I cried. Such a meaningful present and I love it, so thank you Mam and Dad for that and everything. 

On top of all of that I got a cheeky early gift in the form of a new Hoover vacuum when ours decided to retire last month, from my Mam too. :)
Don't worry, little Mr Baker and Bunny and Nike weren't left out. The rabbits both got a selection of treats each and I'm going to order a new toy each for them online when I get paid and Baker got new big boy ceramic bowls, lots of treats, a mat for his bowls to sit on, a rope toy and some doggy bubbles that he goes mad for! 

More than any other year, I feel for very thankful for everything I've received and can't wait to be in the financial position to be able to splurge on my parents again. I used to love so much buying lots of cool gifts and wrapping them up all pretty for others, which I've really missed this year!
So I hope you all had a lovely Holiday season, I've preached enough about my views of this time of year and it's thankfully all over now!

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  1. I am so glad you and Jake liked your presants as i always say its about the giving NOT the receiving and the look on your face makes the giving even more worthwhile and that for me that is worth more than any gifts also you,Jake and ma little Baker boo made my christmas ok :) so remember" its not all about the money " (sound familiar lol) and me an dad got a fab photo of ma family darl I LOVE IT :d XX love you