Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's My Life - Cracking Down on Cruelty.

More so than ever I have been extremely cautious of the brands I am buying, and whether they are cruelty free, recently. I find it hard to be sure with alot of things as they may state the product itself has not been tested on animals but it's ingredients may well of been. I often check the PETA list to see if a particular brand is okay to use but it's time consuming sifting through all the unknown brands. Hence this post! I thought it would be beneficial to have a list of the most commonly know brands that are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! Some may actually surprise you...

Beauty and Cosmetics
Abercrombie & Fitch 
Barry M [Non PETA list*]
Bath & Body Works (Limited Brands)
Benefit [Non PETA list*]
Ed Hardy Habit
E.L.F. Cosmetics
Gosh Cosmetics
Hard Candy
Lime Crime Cosmetics
LUSH Cosmetics
Malibu Sun Products
Manic Panic
Montagne Jeunesse
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Inc.
Pacha (Puig)
Soap and Glory [Non PETA list*]
Stila Cosmetics
Sugarpill Cosmetics
Tarte Cosmetics
Tattoo Goo
Ted Baker
The Body Shop (L'Oreal)
Too Faced Cosmetics
Urban Decay

Full PETA Cruelty Free Beauty and Cosmetics list

Household Products
Asda  [Non PETA list*]
Morrisons [Non PETA list*]

Full PETA Cruelty Free Household Cleansers list

Online Stock List of Alternative [Non Testing] Products.

* Non PETA list companies have stated that they do not test any of their products on animals and do not accept ingredients to be used in their products that have been, however they are not PETA certified as they state they cannot 100% guarantee that ALL of the ingredients have NEVER been subject to animal testing. 

Another absolutely awesome resource I have just come across is that of The Little Book of Cruelty Free !! It is either free to download or have a copy posted to you which I think will be perfect to take out shopping!

So yeah, obviously this is my life choice and in no way am I forcing my views on anyone (as always) but it would be super cool to hear your views on the subject in the comments! I hope this post was helpful to those who do strive to be cruelty free.

[Edit] A last minute find through twitter has caused me to add this little 'P.S'
PLEASE sign this petition to make CCTV in slaughterhouses a legal requirement. As horrible as it sounds, it will help the Food Standards Agency to more efficiently monitor slaughterhouses and hopefully vastly reduce inhumane treatment of livestock. Thank you <3

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