Saturday, 12 January 2013

My Top 5 - Favorite 'Sci-Fi / Drama' Movies

Before I get into it, I'm gonna kick off by saying this is not including movies that are part of a series - that will come separately and that I originally had planned to do just an 'All time favorite movies' top 5, but that's impossible for my incredibly indecisive brain. Top 5 'Sci-fi/Dramas' it is...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 
By far the easiest movie to choose for this list and actually the only movie I can declare as my (non-Disney) all time favorite ever! I am not the type to watch any sort of chick flick, romantic, lovey dovey films and this is the only exception.
I love anything and everything that is a bit weird and different, so this is right up my street. The story line and screenplay is superb as well as Jim Carey's performance, even Kate Winslet, who as an actress I'm not a fan of gave an awesome performance. This movie is so underrated, if you haven't seen it - watch it!

Minority Report
This I have defiantly viewed the most times out of my top 5 picks. I don't know what it is about it that I like but I know it won (and was nominated) for lots of awards! So I blatantly just have great taste. The crime theme tied in with the unusual psychic abled 'precogs' just appeals to me.

I Am Legend
I dunno where to start with this emotional roller-coaster of a movie! Instead of using up a box of tissues and eating my way through a giganto tub of Ben and Jerry's to films like 'The Notebook', (I'm gathering that's a sad chick flick..? I've seen Facebook status' about it!) I perform such behavior to movies like this. You guessed it, anything with an animal involved I'm immediately captivated and I was [SPOILER] distraught at the death of Sam. I saw this in the cinema with my Mam and it seems most movies I see in the cinema become 'favorites'. That and the fact she got the biggest fright at a scene that wasn't scary sticks in my head as a good memory! haha.

The Day After Tomorrow
See the dog in the image above? Yeah, you know whats coming! I only saw this movie for the first time in the middle of last year despite it actually being released in 2004. The setting of the library is gorgeous and the old guy with his dog were my whole reason for watching the movie, willing them on, to the end.

If you are a regular reader here you'll be aware of my conspiracy interest and obsession with the '2012 Apocalypse' theory's hence loving this movie. The special effects are, as commented by critics, the highlight of this movie as I for one was not too keen of the whole 'guy saving his ex' type thing. It still made it on top my top 5 though with the main story-line of one view about the Mayan calender ending and the possible catastrophic events that would unfold.

[End disclaimer - I know I'm about to hear someone complain at these are not 'Sci-Fi' movies, but all have been described as such on various online locations. So there! haha]

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  1. Hmm have to say I am legend is the only one of these movies i've seen and i DID like it but l still can't bring myself to watch again at least if i do i'll have a cusion handy lol or clean pants ha ha good blogg as ever