Saturday, 26 January 2013

Share the Love V.6

This post is dedicated to the wonderful world of the Swamp Family. <3

I am usually not a fan of Tumblr. I mean, I had photography of mine taken and used without consent on the website which was a breach of copy write and I know it happens to many others.
That being said there are people who credit original owners and also produce their own work. These hand full of Tumblrs made this list due to their selectiveness in 're-blogging' and posting content. A must see for fans of the weird and wonderful! [Click the images to be directed to the websites.]

 photo Untitled-4_zpse66914a8.jpg    photo Untitled-5_zpsdb47d742.jpg
I've spent many hours scrolling back through all of the             
fantastical photographs over at 'Jeepers Creepers'.                      
 Some things are pure freaky and others a strange type of                               
beautiful. You must see for yourself!           
The Closet Shutter bug is one of the sites 
where everything is the creators own. 
Such a creative individual, she seems to be multi-talented
 as a photographer, youtuber and  fashionista.                                    

Wordpress and of course my choice of blogging home, blogger are up next with two beautifully put together arty blogs.

 photo Untitled-1_zps607b804a.jpg  photo Untitled-2-1_zps8ef754a1.jpg
A very deep and expressive blog, 
Soppy Elegance is not like anything I can describe. 
It's the type of place you need to
visit and spend some time and
appreciate the work.
A fantastic display of original illustrations, 
photography and general artwork.
The layout is fabulous graphic design and
lack of too much texts helps 
you to concentrate and appreciate the

I spent a long time searching through the blog list on the Swamp Family facebook group, visiting blog links of SFM's on twitter and posted advertising for people to contribute. Thank you very much to those who have I appreciate your help alot, there is so much talent amongst everyone!

And sorry, for those who are completely bewildered by my talk of a 'Swamp Family' - Google is your friend ;)

Other Swamp Family members to check out -
What Shelby Did [Another Tumblr, but with some pretty sweet images and gifs] ,
Freckled Crafts [Her New Years resolution is to blog more, so definitely be sure to check back for new posts if you are into crafts],
Beaus and Bows [A super professionally put together blog with a refreshingly different twist to her fashion posts],
Nocturnal Closet [Being from New York it was inevitable that this chick would have a sick fashion sense. Click the link for some cool fashion and beauty posts.]

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