Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Currently Obsessed V.8

This months current obsession is more of a regained hobby. Before I moved and had no internet access for a couple months, I was a huge YouTube fan.
Now we have proper unlimited broadband (no dongle for us!) and I spend all of my time that I'm on the laptop watching videos. Even if it's just one playing in the background while I'm blogging etc. It's much better than TV anyway.

I myself don't really post many videos or anything but my subscription list is huge. From Beauty and Fashion Gurus to Comedy and Vlog channels, I watch it all. There is a 'My Top 5' post coming your way with YouTubers so I won't drop too many names here but I'll show you a couple more recent things I've been watching.

This series, although I was skeptical when first watching, turned out to be hilarious  A slight mickey take on the Harry Potter movies series but set 10 years later and defiantly not for younger viewers. Some parts were a little untasteful for me but you know, different humors and all. Make sure to check it out, they have behind the scenes videos too which show how much work they put in.

The latest YouTube craze. I reallly want to make one...[Edit- I have since made one, check it out HERE! haha] Be sure to watch all the different versions - there are so many!

This channel is a new favorite and I'm sure is a one to watch out for. Like the Shaytards, The Byrds Nest are a daily vlogging family though with a difference. With a husband in the services, the gorgeous lady is raising a totally cute little toddler and has another on the way. I wish the whole family the best of success.

I'm sure you'll agree all of the above are way better than any of these wannabes with their gross and ridiculous Facebook videos.

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