Thursday, 21 February 2013

I Wish, List V.10! Special Style Edition.

This month's wishlist has a bit of a twist. The fashion and beauty blogging community is huge, but I feel is mainly for the 'on trend' fashionistas and eccentric stylists. I thought I'd jump on the bandwaggon, so to speak, yet prove that not all girls don a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas and some cosmic leggings just to pick up a loaf of bread.  

This first outfit is the most likely to be my 'everyday' look. I pretty much live in leggings and jogging bottoms and I'm not even a chav! I think these neon joggers are something just a little different though, which I love as I've never been a sheep.

[Top left, Clockwise]

Bangle - Snow White Hematite Love Scroll Cuff by Disney Couture.
HoodieBlue Drawstrings Cropped Hoodie Buddie by InSound.
Top - 'The Scoop' by ASOS.
Shoes - White 'Society' mids by Supra.
Joggers - Pink Neon Sweatpants by ASOS

Although this may still seem very casual to most people, this is actually a more dressed up look for me haha! I don't own, but am currently obsessed with denim shirts - they just make me think of Sawyer (Lost fans?)
I also like the idea of layering these 3 Disney necklaces together, even though they are different themes, they have similar colour and have meaning to my personality. 
Lastly, spikes = love. As an ex rebel / individual / weird kid I've owned studded and spiked items for years. I think the leopard print in this particular shoe makes them look less harsh and the colours tie in with my overall theme. 

[Top left, Clockwise]
Shirt - Casual Denim Shirt by George at Asda
Shoes - UNIF Hellraisers
Locket - Dr X Donald Duck Locket by Disney Couture
Top - Classic White Basic Vest by New Look
Chain - Tinkerbell Crystal Acorn Necklace by Disney Couture
Pants - Delux Marl Legging by Soul Cal at Republic
Necklace - Pirates of the Carribean Hook Necklace by Disney Couture.

Lastly and just as casual - I told you I don't do dressing up! 
Just as comfy and, well at least to me, just as cute yet still with an edgy kick. I used to own the best pair of ripped jeans ever and remember my Granda constantly stating that I looked like I'd been in a conflict with a lawnmower, so I'm sure he'd love this! haha 
Oh, and I recently had to throw out my faithful black and white check vans that were probably about 10 year old hence wanting a pretty new pair :)

[Top left, Clockwise]
Jumper - The Mickey Crewneck Pullover by Junkfood Clothing
Ring - Pirates of the Carribean Blue Stone Ring by Disney Couture
Pants - Leggings in Distressed Tie Dye by ASOS
Shoes - Slip On Lo Pro Pumps in Denim by Vans
Anklet - Mirrored Metal Ankle Cuffs by Regal Rose

So there we have it! The 'fashion' items I am lusting over at the moment. Now just to make some money...
I hope you enjoyed this change in posts, let me know your thoughts and if you'd be intested in seeing more of this kind of thing. I'm also toying with the idea of throwing in an OOTD every now and again, let me know what you think. Thanks for reading as always. 

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