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Inked & Awesome - Katelynn Hill

Name: Katelynn Hill
Age: 22
How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?
I got my first tattoo when I was 20. It was an anchor on my forearm. Not the greatest idea and not the greatest tattoo, but it holds a place in my heart because you live and learn. I got the anchor because to me it represents staying grounded as the person you are regardless of the people around you. At the time I had a lot of bad influence but chose to stand by who I am and not turn to the "dark side" per say aha

What is your career/employment status and does being tattooed effect it?
I am a certified PSW (personal support worker) which basically means I take care of the elderly who cannot support themselves in the activities of daily living i.e. laundry, bathing, eating, transportation, etc. But I'm also in the works of becoming a make-up artist. My tattoos haven't caused any issues in any job that I have had held, if anything they've been a conversation starter between me and those I care for or interact with. I'm sure I will come across individuals who frown upon tattoos and body modifications but so far I've been lucky.

What is your favorite piece and why?
I only have 4 tattoos in total, but my favorite out of them is the one that isn't finished -- my half sleeve. I got it done about 2 years ago while I was actually in school to become a Personal Support Worker. It's an Amazon theme because I'm overly in love with the Amazon and reptiles. I chose to have a red eyed tree frog and a Emerald tree Boa incorporated into it. There are also Amazon flowers called Torched Gingers which are absolutely gorgeous. I've yet to have it colored, but that will come shortly.

Do you have a favorite artist you go back to or do you collect different artists work and why?
The artist who did my half sleeve is someone that I will most definitely be going back to always -- Dustin Barnhart from Berlin Tattoo in Kitchener, Ontario. When I went to him for my tattoo, I simply gave him a rough idea of what I wanted, showed him photos of the snake, the frog and the flowers, then let him take it from there. He drew up the perfect idea, so we went from there. He's a great guy with amazing art work.

Have you faced any discrimination as a result of being tattooed?
I live in a really small town that's made up of elderly people, I grew up in this area so everyone knows everyone. I have had my ears stretched since I was 16 years old, so since then I have always got looks from people. When I started getting tattoos the looks changed to more of a "that girls probably a rebel child" aha, I get a lot of questions mainly on my ears, but no one judges me based upon my tattoos. Of course I get questions here and there, but never criticism.

Any other comments:
There are definitely plans to get more tattoos done. I'm waiting to complete my half sleeve and then working on the cover-up of the first 2 tattoos I got. After that, there are plans for my thighs, to add onto my half sleeve, my feet and the fronts of my lower legs. After that, who knows! I like to make sure I stick with an idea for a while before setting anything in stone.

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