Thursday, 14 March 2013

It's My Life - Cooking For Dummies.

I know that I claim to be such the typically old fashioned housewife and although I am good a baking cakes and sweet treats, I've never been interested or any good at cooking any proper food.
Well, as the months passed of being fully 'living on my own' (with Jake obviously) and the only woman of the house, basic meals had to be made. I could probably of lived off pasta, however
I have a male to feed and he needs meat! haha.

Thanks to many phone calls and tuition from my dear Mam the art of the Roast dinner was mastered! Yey! The time has now come to take the next step and tackle some very basic, yet none the less scary for me to make, savory meals. All on a budget of course.
Others would say that Jake and I can be fussy as we don't like 'crap' e.g Onions and other pointless ingredients in our food so making our own has the advantage of us know what is in it and that we don't have to wonder whether Black Beauty is in the oven.

First up was Lasagna!
I'm not a fan (don't eat beef) but I wanted to make Jake proud and freeze some so if I'm ever not here he doesn't starve. Here's what I did...

I'll say it again for those sniggering at their computer screens, I am aware this is super simple and easy to make but little steps and all that jazz eh?
Out of the 500g of mince I made two, Jake ate and taste approved the first one while the other is in the freezer for another day. :)
While I was on a roll and had the motivation to actually be cooking, I prepared two deep pan 14'' homemade pepperoni pizzas! - They're in the freezer too.

I hope you enjoyed my little kitchen adventures post. I'm glad to say that I can add these to my list of 'things I can actually cook' along with my many pasta dishes, enchiladas, curry, homemade chips, roasts and fry ups. Is there anyone else out there who lacks the same basic female ability??

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  1. I think you did GREAT! :) In all honesty, I think you did! I remember when I first started to cook without any help, sometimes I even burnt the milk that I was trying to heat on the stove. I was a disaster. :P Nowadays I'm a pretty decent cook hehe I learnt it all by myself with some help from cooking books and so on. I truly believe in "learning by doing" when it comes to cooking. And you have to accept that a meal will never ever look as perfect as it does in the cooking book. :P

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your super sweet comment, which made me smile a lot. I've been very uncomfortablt with my blogging and even considered not doing it anymore. But comments like yours keep me going. Thank you so much again! :) I'm following your pretty blog as well and am looking forward to gettting to know you better in the future. :)