Saturday, 16 February 2013

It's My Life - A Quarter Century Old.

My other half is 25 today! 25!! Thats oolllddd. Haha. I keep kidding that he's a quarter of a century old now :P
I don't like birthdays because it means another year has passed - and time is going way too fast.
Above is a little mix of some good memories from the last two years, I hope we have many, many more. A full century worth!
Love you more Mr BeachMan (although I think Baker is giving me some competition..)



  1. awh, you've got yourself a cutie. So glad to see happy couples, it really makes me smile. Happy Birthday to your mister.

    1. He is pretty hot like eh? haha Thank you so much!

  2. All my friends that are this age I always wish happy quarter of a century birthday :) lol i thought only I did dat


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