Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What's Going On? - EU Ban Animal Testing.

Following on from my previous post at the end of January and probably the countless other blogs posts and news stories you've seen in the past few days, I am finally getting around to sharing the good news!

I'll keep this short as I'm sure many of you are fed up of all the harping on about the fair treatment of animals, so simply - the arranged ban on animal testing or sale of products tested on animals is to go ahead on March 11th 2013.

A huge step for those who have worked so hard to fight this although there is obviously still a long way to go. It has been a long time coming though, years and years in fact (contrary to what other blogs seem to think) and is no way an out of the blue ban.
This ban means that any cosmetic, beauty and toiletry product sold within the EU cannot be tested or contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals. Hopefully these steps forward continue and eventually all products including household items, medication (unlikely :( ) and the like will have to follow suit.

To read more please proceed to the Official European Commission website.

As I say there is lot's more to do though. For example did you know pigs are used in US military trauma training courses? They are shot, stabbed, set on fire and more. Cute little puppy dogs are made to run on a treadmill until they collapse from heart attacks, killed then their heart studied. This is not unnecessary.
Please make sure to read more about all of the animals used in all types of experimentation around the world and make your pledge to be cruelty free.

Let's make all the abused animals look like this instead >>

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  1. Danielle that is good news but there is still lots to do this area WHY OH WHY do these so called human beings continue to treat defensless creatures so badly lets get more bans on all animal testing and let ALL animals live how they should live they WERE NOT put on earth to be treated so inhumanley COME ON EVERYBODY LETS STAMP OUT ALL ANIMAL TESTING OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!