Thursday, 14 February 2013

What's Going On? - Valentines Day

Saint Valentines Day. The day apparently dedicated to 'love' and showing that special someone how you feel about them.
In my opinion a day created by card and gift companies to fill in the slump in sales between Christmas and Easter. I mean, Jake and I agree there shouldn't just be one day a year to celebrate your relationship. Should there?

However the origin of the worldwide tradition is actually surrounded in mystery.
Linking back to both Christian and Ancient Roman traditions, there are a few theory's to why the February celebrations began.

Firstly, the catholic church notes multiple saints by the name of Valentine who endured suffering to gain their admiration. There is a story that whilEmperor Claudius II was on the throne in third century Rome, there was a Priest serving under the name of Valentine. He worked against the Emperor, performing secret marriages for young couple even though it was forbidden by Claudius as he thought men made better soldiers when they didn't have the burden of a family. He was eventually discovered and sentenced to death for his actions. 

Another belief, that I think would make more sense to today's Valentines holiday, is that of an imprisoned Valentine who was also sentenced to death, this time for helping Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. He sent a letter signed 'from your Valentine' (the phrase still used to this day) to a girl he was in love with before he was to meet his fate. Other legends all are loosely similar but all pretty much confirm the fact that 'Saint Valentines Day' is in memory of a selfless man who died in the name of helping others. 

Whatever the origin, as with most holidays I think it has lost its true meaning and completely succumb to commercialization. I can't wait until it's all over so that the depressing 'single' Facebook status and photos of gift 'haul's from spoilt girls who take men for as much as they can, disappear. 

Jake and I tell each other 'I Love You' every hour of everyday. There's no need to waste unnecessary money on flowers that die or chocolates that get eaten. However, if you do celebrate today - make sure to show your partner how much you appreciate them all the time as well as making the most of what ever you are doing this February 14th.

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  1. I couldn't be more in tune on this one! I think ti's a big joke. Loving somebody is a joy to fulfill everyday, little notes, or short calls, or even a hug, can't replace one single day's celebration of love. I feel that it's too commercial as are so many other days, mother's day, father's day, grandparent day! OMG - it's just a commercial money maker.

    Love is love, nobody has to tell you when to celebrate it.