Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Currently Obsessed V.9

This month I am currently obsessed with all things home related - primarily looking for one haha!

If you follow me on twitter you may of heard that we're currently living in a work site (slight exaggeration, but we have no back stairs) and I have been pretty poorly, so seeing as our tenancy ends in the next few months we're looking for a new place!

If money were no object these would be along the lines of my dream home.
Realistically, were looking at two bedroom ground floor flats or houses, specifically with a garden for Mr Baker B, further down the coast without crossing the water. This way were still near beaches and stuff but closer to the city and better transport links for job opportunities and visitors getting there! 

It's obviously too soon to buy anything but of course as a girl I've been, 'window shopping'. Can you call it that when it's on the internet? Anyways, yeah, I'm set on making the interior of wherever we do go look as much like the inside of those castles up there as possible. I'm working on a wishlist that will be posted in the next couple weeks dedicated to such home wares, but obviously on the more realistic price range. Without the stone walls and turrets that's going to be a hard task but I'm inspired by these types of things...

As you can tell I love the carved dark wood! The blanket box in the 1st picture is exactly what we've been looking for forever too. I don't so much like the glided things or patterned walls and furniture  but I really want a big Arabian/Persian type rug - reminds me so much of Aladdin. All of this aside, our main priority is a bed big enough. We have a super king just now and defiantly cannot downsize!

There we have it, my current obsession has gone from house hunting to castle interior admiring.
What would your dream home be like?

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  1. OMG - those places look amazing! I want to live in a castle too!

    Honestly, I can see you and hubs living in a Disney-like castle. It fits you.