Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cuteness Overload V.8

Seeing as it's been a while since I've bragged about my beautiful babies, I gathered it was high time to write an update about the cuties. 

Starting with Baker - who has gotten so big!! 
Now 7 months old our little man is so good (most of the time).
When out on walks he is only ever on his lead near roads, yet always comes back when he eventually finds the courage to stray more than a few meters from us. The past month or so has seen him come out of shell and actually play with other dogs at the park and beach and even paddle in the sea.
Sit, stay, wait, lay down, come, high five and paw are just some of the many commands I'm proud that he responds to aswell showing his Collie side in the alertness and concentration.
The proudest moments the past few weeks has been him starting to partake in fetch with his ball and stick, chasing his tail as it is very funny to watch, him getting his big boy teeth and being super photogenic! 

For those who don't know already, I have been doing a photography project 365 meaning that the camera hasn't had a chance to collect any dust since January 1st. That being said, the day's I am struggling to muster up any creativity I rely on my favorite models...

Moving on to the original Eskdale/Beacham children - Bunny and Nike, who Baker strangely enough for his breed is very loving towards and somewhat still afraid of.
Last update I told you all about Bunny's castration surgery and how I hoped it would help him and Nike  get on better. Unfortunately they still seem to be annoyed by each other so we let them out of their cages separately and it works fine for us all. It did calm him down lots though and he's gone from not allowing you to pick him up etc to jumping up to sit on your lap for a good old grooming session, which of course I love!
We've moved them both from the spare room to the sitting room and they seem to be very happy with the fact they're included more.
Apart from the phantom pregnancy Nike had around the time of Bunny's operation, nothing much has changed. She is still pretty much as loving, although the licking of our arms has decreased haha. When out she enjoys to explore a bit more than Bunny does, switching places to how they used to be.
Of course they are just as good at posing for me and the camera as Baker is...

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  1. So nice to read this blogg it's fab and was nice to see all the photos of your little family love them xx