Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Wish, List V.11 *

Yes I am female. And yes females like shoes! The difference here? I like skate shoes, trainers, sneakers - whatever you wanna call them. Flat, comfy, trendy, practical shoes!

I already have a pretty large collection of said footwear including 3 pairs of Nike's, 2 pairs of DC's and  3 pairs of Vans. Jake also, obviously being a guy and a skater wears only skate shoes. Always the same ones too - Nike SB's.
That being said I thought this month I'd show you a dedicated shoe wishlist. His and her's at that! Oooh.

First up is a small selection that I hunted down for Jake. He has approved that he likes them by the way...
Sources [Clockwise]

Sources [Clockwise]

I used to be a big fan of the shoe store 'Schuh' but recently think it's selection has gone down hill. I prefer to shop online where possible and usually using sites others wouldn't think to, hence getting good bargains and different styles to everyone else. I would recommend these online retailers particularly:
Chemical Records

Lastly, if you don't know about the Custom NikeiD's, why not?! Head over to Nike's online store and you can personalize I think pretty much any style of shoe to the colour, material and style you want, as well as adding a little bit of customization. 
This is what I created. (Check out the iD on the heel's! ;P)

Be sure to let me see if you design a pair! Anyone is always welcome to contact me at thesweetnesstalks@gmail.com :)


  1. Man, you just reminded me that I need to go out and buy some new gear for my feet!

    I wear Nike mostly and that is pretty cool to customize!


  2. Love reading your blog. I just nominated you for the liebster award over on my blog!

  3. lol i almost bought new nike shoes not long ago.. i think i saw like... additional 30% off of already marked sale items or something on slickdeals. eekk, but i gotta save money. i already bought some nike free runs recently, and i LOVE them. they are so comfy and light. i use them for running.

    i've never gotten the nikeiD before though. the ones you created look nice btw ;)

    xoxo Sarah