Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Soundtrack V.8

I've been trying so hard to ween myself from what's grown to be my go to CD's of Rick Ross and Wale and listen to some of the other genres I love too, as of late.

From that I searched my laptop and came across my Reel Big Fish collection (who I've seen live a few times and have enjoyed probably the most out of all gigs I've been to) which in turn led me to youtube to see if there was any of their stuff I'd missed. Now here's where it gets exciting...

I don't actually know how you could get any better than Ska mixed with Disney! 
Thinking back to when I first saw Reel Big Fish, I remembered the first time I heard a Ska Disney cover. It was by one of the support acts - Suburban Legends and was from my favorite Princess movie, The Little Mermaid. After the first few bars, I freaked out and was like hold up this is 'Under The Sea' Ahhhh. And trust me, I'm not one for screaming at gigs.

Of course I've been listening to that as well as more Ska/Disney collaboration I've discovered this week, enjoy.


  1. These are freaking awesome! I never heard Disney Ska before! So much fun! Great finds.


  2. Disney ska!! LOL Awesome. Nothing better than vintage Mickey Mouse and ska. ;)


    Jules of Canines & Couture