Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Out and About - Northumberlandia

If you follow my Project 365 photography blog you'd of seen that, a few days ago, we visited the gigantic man made human land form, dubbed the lady of the north, that is situated only 5 miles or so from us.

Considering it being so close to us, it's weird we haven't visited before although I think we chose a good day as the sun showed face for the occasion.
Unfortunately, the sun was probably the highlight of the day as the 'park' was a big let down.

It's been 'bigged up' so much on TV and is stated on their website to be stunning. However we found that the paths were very muddy, making walking on the flat hard enough let alone up the steep slopes as well as their being no viewing point high enough to get an actual photograph of the whole of the form - leaving the lady unrecognizable. The views you could see consisted of the nearby industrial estate and a quarry.

We were glad to be aloud to take Baker in but another downfall was that he had to stay on his lead - fair enough if there had been any wildlife (my hope so as to get some photos) but no, not a bird to be heard or a rabbit hole to be seen.

I'm sure if you look back at out other 'Out and About' adventures I always have nothing but praise for the place but I feel like people should know the truth before wasting money and time travelling to another underwhelming silly, arty fart, tourism hunt stunt.

I did manage to take a few photos, so here they are.

If you're from the North East have you been to Northumberlandia? What did you think?
Or have you ever been excited to visit somewhere then been completely disappointed?


  1. I just posted about being disappointed by a museum the other day. It was nice, but not how it was advertised!

    1. Yeah, it's a big shame when you're expecting one thing and the reality doesnt live up to it.
      It's also advertised that this place had a Cafe, when infact it just had a board advertising a Cafe at the local garden center!

  2. These are terrific pics of the countryside. Very cool looking.


    1. Thank you :)
      I was hoping to be able to get some better shots that showed off the land form, but I suppose these aren't too bad!