Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Share The Love V.7

This version of Share the Love is for the recent travel and culture type blogs I've delightfully stumbled upon these past few weeks. Obviously you can tell from my blog I'm not the biggest fan or follower of fashion so these types of blogs, although outnumbered by the fashion community, are what interests me. I adore having a window to peek into other countries, especially not being in any position to travel myself just now. Here it goes, anyway.

The Regular Guy NYC is a travel essential to all those new to visiting the Big Apple as well as a handy guide to those more local to the area. Providing helpful information and honest reviews, Phil states that the blog includes everything from 'Food, fun, booze, culture, sports, health, life, etc. It’s all open game here. '
Even if you aren't visiting the area, like myself, this blog is still fun to visit to see an insight into one of the most famous, important, diverse and interesting city's in the world. 

Driftwood & Daydreams caught me from the first visit. It's like a personal world tour without leaving my computer. Lucky Aryn hosts the delightful travel blog, with personal experiences and story's of adventures from all over the world. I adore oo-ing and ahh-ing at all the pretty pictures and feeling super jealous of the places she goes.

Retired geologist, journalist, (and more) Dennis runs The View From Fanling an inspirational journey based in Hong Kong. Along side the stunning Asian scenes and views shared with us is some really interesting historic, cultural and political information.

This is a travel blog that covers all areas. Of the world that is. Polish born Marysia blogs her own travel experiences mixed in with guest posts from others journeys and opinions. My Travel Affairs is bright and fun, with lots of photography, recommendations and insights.

I'd also like to just list a few other people I have appreciated over the last little while, be it for enjoying their content or for their support and comments here at Once Upon a Time.
Thank you to -
Sarah at Xlicious Girl - fabulously informative content particularly on cosmetics (which I appreciate in blog form as otherwise I'm a YouTube beauty guru watcher), housed in one of the cutest layouts I've seen, Xlicious Girl is updated regularly, ran professionally and owned by the sweetest lady who has been kind enough to leave some very much appreciated comments here. Please make sure to check Sarah out and tell her I sent you!
Gabriel at Inspired by Gabriel - I received the most heartfelt comment on a past post that meant alot followed by a personal twitter exchange. This guy proves that there are others out there like me, who do just want to make a difference. A very powerful and as the title suggest, inspiring, blog. Again please swing by, spend some time and let him know who pointed you in his direction ;)
LA at Chicks In The Mitt - A super fun blog written (half) by a lovely lady by the name of LA! She has made me laugh through her own blog and by helping me in the blogging world introducing me to other equally as entertaining and humorous blogs. You know what to do. :P


  1. XOXO :)

    Thanks for the love, I'm so glad I found you on twitter!

  2. Thanks so much Danielle! You are amazing! I really appreciate the shout out for my little blog, and now I will have to make sure I update with more fun things to see and do in NYC. Along with my usual good natured rants & ravings on life here!

    Keep up the great work on your blog! Love dropping by and reading it. :-)


  3. aww you're so sweet!! <3333
    thanks for the lovely shout out. you really brightened up my day!

    xoxo Sarah
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  4. aren't you the sweetest :) ? thank you, you kind of inspired me and i think i know what i am going to post about in one of my future posts, keep up the good work, you just made my day, something to be really proud of, have a great day :)

  5. Wow, thanks so much for including me! I'm glad to hear you enjoy reading my blog! Wishing you happy travels in your future!