Thursday, 25 April 2013

Currently Obsessed V.10 *

Bags. Yeah, you heard correctly! I bet you didn't think someone as casual as me carried a 'handbag' but I do even when wearing a pair of Nike sweatpants and skate shoes. (I promise it doesn't look as stupid as it sounds).

It's not so much just carrying a bag but the whole organization and strategy behind what's in it. Alot of you will be aware, especially from my set schedule of posting here, that I'm a stickler for being organized and having things in a set order - you can even check out my dresser top to see how far my obsession goes. I am going to post a 'What's in my handbag' tag in the coming weeks but for now I'll just show you my tiny collection of bags and a few that I wouldn't mind owning ;).

So first off I started out being a big backpack user. They were easier to organize school work and folders in but my progression from the 'colour pink hating tom boy' in middle school to a Disney fairy princess saw the addition of handbags into my wardrobe. Jake has since acquired my last backpack with it having a skateboard strap on here is what I'm left with.

At one point I had a cupboard dedicated to all the bags I collected over the evolution - half of which I didn't even use. Yet now I'd rather spend a little extra on a bag and have less of them. That brings me to my current trio of Paul's Boutique bags. Dubbed the pre-teen tacky brand (some of you will not class these as expensive but to me £75.00 is splashing out) I'm a big fan of it and my bags are the more subtle of those available.

Now you have a hint of my taste, here are some bags that'd I'd like to expand my collection with.

-1- For those professional occasions. I'd probably use it as a camera bag for when I shoot weddings!  
-2- Always been a tartan fan and this has all my favorite colors - so fun :)  
-3- The same style as my PB wallet, this is big enough to fit my phone in too. Cute clutch, ta-da!  
-4- Love a bit of quilting and especially colors that go with everything.

Vivienne Westwood is probably one of the only designer brands I'm drawn to, it being more individual and avant-garde. I actually have jewelry by her that was gifted to me by a late friend and it's very sentimental to me because of that. To me I think the designs are quite similar to the bold and bright Paul's Boutique handbag line just of a higher standard.
Lastly, I still have a love for backpacks, luggage and organizing baggage - especially the brand Dakine. I hope to upgrade my DIY personalized suitcases (shown below) to something similar to the Dakine one shown above for the next time I leave the country and even maybe get another travel organizer 'cause mine was a godsend when I went to Disneyland!

What kind of bags do you like to use? Any specifics on your wishlist?


  1. Great selection of bags! I use all kinds of bags (bit of an addiction) so I could never pick just one.
    Love 1, 4 & 6 Best.


  2. I've just discovered your blog, but I love it! and I love handbags and comfy shoes(I own more trainers than anything else :)), I also tend to live in leggings, or skinny jeans so you're not the only one! xx