Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Wish, List V.12

As promised in my latest currently obsessed post, here is a wishlist of more affordable options to the lavish Victorian-esc style furnishings I would like in our new place
(when we finally find it...). Though as I found quite a lot of things I'd like, the next few wishlists will be for different rooms.

[From Left, clockwise]
Welsh Dresser - This one isn't exactly the one I had in mind but for a cheaper alternative it's quite pretty. I want something with cupboards to house our ever growing DVD collection but shelves too to display ornaments and sentimental nick knacks.

Entertainment Unit Just now we're using a black glass TV stand and it does the job. But this one would hide the unsightly wires while matching the rest of the furniture too.
Chocolate Cord Corner Sofa Perfect!
One Drawer Coffee Table
Oriental Rug Something that I used to really not like has become one of the main things I want for my sitting room-to-be. This is by far the cheapest I've found one, especially in a pattern that I like, although I'd love to get an authentic one from my own travels in the future.

Obviously I'd stain all the wooden furniture to the same dark wooden colour as the dresser cabinet and leave the walls neutral. We really want a corner sofa too so that we can sit together and utilize the space in the room to best effect. As for the coffee table, since the day's of friends and the mention of apothecary tables from pottery barn I've always wanted one - if only they weren't so expensive. We're hoping to visit some car boot/antique fair type things when funds allow, maybe we'll find some bargains that we can 'do up' ourselves.


  1. Hi Danielle!

    When I saw your comment on my blog about how alike we are I got really excited - and it is so so so true!

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, Im glad that Ive found your blog as I love it,

    Best wishes, your new follower,
    Vanessa xx

  2. im not sure why... but when i look at these furniture pieces, i feel like its right out of a fairy tale!! lolll. and it also makes me wanna pop some red in there. haha.

    - sarah -

  3. The dresser is lovely and really gives off a cute, quaint and home-like feeling! :D

    Anyways, Danielle, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out my blog entry for more details! :D