Sunday, 5 May 2013

Inked and Awesome - Marissa from Toronto

Name: Marissa
Age: 22
Location: Toronto
Website: Twice the Luck Makeup

How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?
I was 19 or 20. My first tattoo(s) were the ones on the tops of my feet.

They read "Life's too short, Live for today" With a skull and rose. After a friend passed away, I got them as a sort of reminder that no matter what you do, or how busy you are, you should always find time to spend with friends and family because you never know when you won't get that chance back.

What is your employment status/occupation and do your tattoos effect it?
I am currently unemployed as I am in school for Sfx makeup! Most of my tattoos are easily covered so I haven't had any issues with them affecting work, but I have experienced some difficulties with work due to my facial piercings. (Nose, and two lip studs)

What is your favorite piece? What is the meaning behind it?
It is really hard to choose a favorite as I love all of mine so far. But I think right now I'd go with my thigh piece. I love the colors of it. I love the Dia De Los Muertos tradition, so I have a girls head that is inspired by the Sugar Skulls, but with a personal take on it. I am also very much in love with skeleton keys, so she has one around her neck, which the end of it goes into a M. (Not in the picture) I now have a Calla Lily and Marigold added into the mix, which a Calla Lily is my favorite flower, and the Marigold is a big part of the Dia De Los Muertos tradition. It's still unfinished but hopefully will be completed soon!

Do you have a favorite artist who you go back to or do you collect different artists work? Why?
I have only been to one artist so far whom I trust fully with anything and he completely understands what I want in my pieces, and that is Mark Hepburn. He works out of a shop from my hometown (Loco Ink Pusher) and I love his work and I have been around from the beginning of his career as a tattoo artist, so it's been fun watching him learn and progress as an artist! You can check some of his work out on facebook @ JMAM !

Have you faced any specific discrimination due to being tattooed?
I haven't faced it in a work setting, but I do get some from others. I get a lot of "You shouldn't get anymore" or "Don't get big ones" etc. It usually comes from people who don't understand tattoos, or who are from an older generation.

Any other comments?
Tattoos don't define a person, or their work ethic.
People also really need to start thinking up more unique ideas than Believe, Chinese lettering and the infinity symbol.
Finding an artist you can trust and who is able to transform your idea into a tattoo better than you imagined is very important. Always go to someone for the quality of their work, rather than the price! A tattoo will be on you forever, so it's better to get a damn good tattoo at a higher price, than going to an artist who only charges $20 for a tattoo. And always go to a reputable shop!!

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