Thursday, 11 April 2013

It's My Life - My Bucket List. 1 Year Update.

While uncovering my old bucket list post to show someone, I realized it was a year ago this month that I'd written it. So seeing as though I did a 6 month update, I thought I'd do a 1 year update too, though this time also change some of the items on the list that I don't think are such great ideas anymore... 

1 - Skydive. [Video Evidence :P]

2 - Go to every Disney resort in the world. [1 out of 5]
3 - Get many more tattoos. [My I&A post and Latest addition.]
4 - Own a farmhouse in the countryside. 
5 - Raise and Train a Border Collie. [HERE's how it's going.]
6 - NEW Walk the length of Hadrian's Wall.
7- Go back to Jiu Jitsu training. 
8 - Learn to Skateboard. [On hold until we move, Poor Jake hasn't even been able to skate in months.]
9 - Ride a horse.
10 - Go on a super long road trip.
11 - Travel to all 7 continents. 
12 - NEW Have more of my photography published / sell my work. 
13 - Be the best housewife ever. 
14 - Stay alcohol free for the rest of my life. [My Story. I'm going strong :)]
15 - Learn to cook properly. [Getting there!!]
16 - Work on a farm. 
17 - Become semi self-sufficient. Solar/wind power, grow own food etc. 
18 - Go on a Snowboarding holiday.
19 - Get back into a good fitness routine. 
20 - Find out more of my family tree. 
21 - Walk over hot coals. 
22 - NEW Do some proper rock climbing. 
23 - Attend a UFC event in Las Vegas. 
24 – NEW Uncover a historical artifact with a metal detector. 
25 – NEW Ride a rollercoaster.
26 – See animals in their natural habitat on an African Safari. 
27 – NEW Upload a 'Vlog' to my YouTube.
28 – Be an extra in a film.
29 – Feed a Lamb. 
30 – Test Drive a Bugatti. 
31 – Get a reading from a physic medium. 
32 – NEW Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
33 – Go on a proper camping trip.
34 – NEW Visit Alcatraz. 
35 – Have a ‘Lost’ style experience on a desert island. (Maybe minus the actual plane crash though.) 
36 – Get better skin. 
37 – Climb a massive tree. 
38 – NEW See Mount Rushmore in person.
39 – Win. At something. Anything. Preferably the lottery... 
40 – Meet a real life pirate. 
41 – Make my own homemade ice cream and bread. 
42 – Visit the Harry Potter attraction in Orlando.
43 – Stay with that one special person forever. 
44 – Fire a gun. 
45 – See Animal Testing abolished completely worldwide. [Update!
46 – Get my teeth straightened. 
47 – Keep updating this blog regularly with interesting posts.
48 – NEW Climb one of the Top 10 mountains.
49 – Stay overnight in a haunted house. 
50 – Donate to and/or help with animal charities. 

To see the original list CLICK HERE! And to see my 6 month update CLICK HERE!
Do you have a bucket list? If so, what's on it? Leave me a link in the comments - I'd love to see :)


  1. I love this list theres some amazing ideas that wouldnt have ever come to mine. I can't believe you havn't been on a roller coaster!! xx

    1. Haha Yeah, whenever I've been somewhere where there are roller coasters etc I've either been with people who are scared of heights or been babysitting! There aren't any theme parks near us either. Dying to go on one though! :)

  2. I love your creative goals and I hope you fulfill them. I am looking forward to one day reading about you spending the night at a haunted house. I couldn't do that. So scary but so exciting.

    1. Thank you!
      When the time comes that I get the chance to do that, I will 100% be documenting it here. Haha
      There's a famous 'haunted' castle not too far from me called Chillingham - that's where I want to go. I'll be super scared but have to deal with it! :P

  3. wow this is a seriously cool amount of goals! I hope you can achieve them all :D xx

  4. I follow and love all of your posts, but this one up here is absolutely my favourite - keep it up girl! ;)


  5. #28 and #32 are also on my lists. :-) I can't wait to ride in a hot air balloon.