Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Soundtrack V.9

Okay I admit it, I have said I don't like D&B and Dubstep. So what? Ohh, this is D&B? Hmm, yeah, about that...haha. As with all genres of music you're not always gonna love every song or artist, however it works the other way too and a genre you would usually dislike or stray away from may actually produce something tolerable, even good!

The other day we'd been watching something that was recorded on the TV and the music channels automatically came on once it ended. I quote Will.I.Am when I say, 'It was love at first note'. I adored the voice, looked up and saw BMXing in the video -yey! Now it's my new favorite song.
Kurt Yaeger is the rider who's story of rehabilitation after an accident caused him to be an amputee is shown through the video and I feel it gives the song the impact it needs. Awesome tune, awesome video and an awesome guy.

I think this British quad, Rudimental, are gonna be ones to watch working with strong vocalists and producing powerful videos this song with Alex Clare is a must see too. Little did I know (I don't follow current and chart music) that this song has actually beaten Psy and Daft Punk to #1. Result!

What do you think of the song? How about the video? Let me know what you're listening to!

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