Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Top 5 - YouTubers

Probably my most overdue post is finally here - My favorite channels that I'm subscribed to on YouTube. As always in no particular order...

The only entry on this list I can actually place in any order and is my favorite channel of all time. 
The most famous YouTube family,
the Shaytards or Butlers, are daily vloggers. For those non YouTube or internet video savvy that means they post their everyday family life home videos online everyday - just like a first person reality show. They've done this for over 4 years now and I'm glad to say that I've been on the journey with them just a couple months short of their full run. Recently into their 5th year and announcing their 5th child is on the way the Shaytards are however calling the daily's quits before a 6th 'season' which caused mixed emotions among followers. Personally I appreciate all the family share and think they deserve a somewhat private life back! We've seen the kids grow up, the youngest child, Rocktard or Brock go from a bump, to a baby, to a little boy, the family move from Idaho to L.A and them enjoy the stream of successes that has followed. I've enjoyed seeing Sontard aka Gavin grow to be so much like his Dad though still his own person into reading books and playing sports. Princesstard aka Avia and Babytard aka Emmie are the Disney princess little girls that I'd want for kids if I ever decided I could tolerate motherhood and are both very talented performers whether it be in gymnastics or singing. Most recently they even purposely announced the kids real names (that have been protected by their 'Tard' nicknames) during the video where they were told about a new sibling being on the way. This trust and relationship with us viewers has given everything from entertainment to a helpful, friendly face to admire and another life story to get lost in when all gets too much for me. It astounds me everyday how well the children have been brought up, with brilliant values, manners and caring attitudes while still being hilarious, fun and mischievous  Shay and Katilette or Colette are stunning parental and relationship role models to me and many others also.
I could talk all day about this inspirational, beautiful, loving family and hope you get hooked, making year 5 the best yet. I'll leave you with Shay's favorite saying, 'Choose Happiness.'

There are cute dogs in the banner above - of course I'm gonna love whoever is holding them! Adorable puppies Marbles and Kermit appearances aside, Jenna Marbles is one super funny lady on her own merit. Making random comedy videos from 'What Hip Hop has taught her' to 'How to trick people into thinking you're good looking', she makes what's in the majority of our heads into the most mad yet brilliant entertainment videos. She shows that it's okay to be your weird and different self and often exclaims the fact that she doesn't give an 'f', which aside from the bad language is a great message in my opinion. She's also absolutely gorgeous. But wait, there's more...she's also intelligent?! I can't wait for the time Wednesday rolls around and there's a new Jenna Marbles video in my subscription box to sit and laugh at with my other half. 

The most recent addiction of mine is The Pet Collective, especially the series voiced by know dog lover Sharon Osbourne - The Litter. Anything that is described as 'adorable' is inevitably going to make my eyes leak at some point and most of the videos uploaded to this channel do so, 'The Litter' being the worst culprit. However not only does this channel satisfy a persons need of super cute baby animals, it's also informative and helpful. I find this to be a very unique channel, with regular uploads, live streaming cameras of different breeds of puppies, kitten and even an eagle cam, alongside funny little parody videos featuring animals and factual videos. If you're an animal lover and not subscribed - you need to be!

Kalel Cullen, formerly of QueenBeeuty made an epic return (thankfully) to the style and beauty community with her Wonderland Wardrobe channel around 6 months ago. As someone who thoroughly enjoyed her old videos I was delighted to be reintroduced to the 'new' Kalel, who's style and individualism has evolved through the years into a fabulous yet different icon noticeably comfortable in who she is. The main reason this channel is on my list is the apparent extra hard work she puts into everything from the content, graphics and planning to final video edits. Her DIY videos are superbly put together and easy to follow with original ideas which I think makes her channel what it is. 

Last, but certainly not least, is Grav3yardGirl! Quirky, funny and down to earth. When I first discovered Bunny I spent the 3 or 4 days following watching every single one of her previous videos. I particularly took a liking to her paranormal vlogs and investigations as I'm interested is such things too and her historical information on the situation was very intriguing but unfortunately she no longer does them. The main focus of the channel currently is make up and fashion now and although I'm subscribed to alot of the YouTube 'beauty gurus' she is the only one to make it so much fun. You need to watch at least one video of hers to appreciate the hilarious terminology and gestures that make her channel what it is. Tune in to a Tea Vlog and enjoy!

So there we have it! My subscription box is full of 174 different channels to be precise but these are the ones I never miss a video from. Do you watch any of these or are you going to check them out? How about any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!


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  2. I don't use Youtube a lot but maybe I should check out some of these as they look funny!