Thursday, 4 April 2013

Opinions Of A Housewife - If I Were President.

Before I start, for those who are unaware of my location, I am indeed English and am aware that we are lucky enough to be a country still ruled by a hierarchy. But, for the purpose of this post, from a law and decision making point of view I'm going to be President of the UK. Wehay, how good does that sound!
(lol I'm Danielle Lincoln. Abe is my favorite President by the way.)
Lets get straight into my laws then.

If I were President I would make it alot harder for people to move into this country. All cries of 'racism' aside, many citys and even towns now are feeling that locals are the minority in an ever growing multicultural community of Polish, Portuguese, Asian and more. The scandals of benefits not going to those who need it most yet these foreign families with 11 children having all they need plus more are well publicized but no one says anything for fear they are dubbed as racist! This doesn't apply to situations like refugees or the like but more so just people emigrating like us Brits would to Australia and such, where it is very hard to move to.

Bringing me on to law two. A cap on breeding! I say it as if it were about animals because you'd think we all were with the rate our population is rising. The phrase 'like rabbits' springs to mind... The country is still going through economic and unemployment crisis yet there definitely is a baby boom forcing parents and the government to have even less money in the pot. Not to name names but I am aware of a family who have 5 children, neither parent has ever worked yet they live a comfortable life - rent paid, trendy clothes and a constant chain of cigarettes and the latest gadgets. In who's mind should that be right?

If I were President I would have strict laws on what the NHS covers. The National Health Service is a privilege that us Brits take very much for-granted. This story proves that something needs to be done to stop self absorbed fools taking advantage of the system so that it doesn't fail the most needy. There are so many people on such long waiting lists for things mental health related etc and we are failing them by not having enough time, money or resources after issues like that below has been prioritized.

As controversial as this point may be, I would bring back the death penalty. Stop wasting our countries already dwindling money on housing criminals in these fancy prisons and just get rid of them! (Obviously, only those 100% proven guilty of course - I have seen the Green Mile!)

Another issue close to my heart is unemployment and the benefits surrounding that also. If you are a drug or alcohol abuser, have never worked a day in your life or still live with family I sincerely would not give you a penny. It seems that everyone that is unemployed these days (be it though redundancy and stores closing to seasonal jobs not providing enough stability) are all being labeled and discriminated against as if they've done something wrong or are part of the afor mentioned groups and shouldn't be entitled to a little help from the country that they've paid tax all their working lives to. This is all wrong.

The elderly, genuinely disabled and veterans of the forces would be treated with a heck load more of respect if I were President. And I would like to try and instill and promote an old fashioned, small town, community spirit so no one would be lonely especially around holiday times. I know all too well how it's changed from when my parents were kids, to when I was a kid and now. It's a huge shame that instead of smiling back when I smile at someone in the street their reaction is 'What are you looking at?!'.

Finally, of course, to wrap up I had to mention animal rights. There would be no animal testing or experimentation for any reason what-so-ever and all farms would be free range with ethical slaughter methods if it were up to me. (I would love to abolish meat sales all together but that will never happen.)
The main thing though would be pet licences. Too many animals are mistreated, abandoned or not cared for properly. You should need to prove you have the means and knowledge required to be able to feed, exercise, socialize and look after the health of the chosen animal. Contrary to popular belief animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits are not suitable at all to be around children as they are easily frightened or hurt and need lots of love and attention which they don't end up getting most of the time once kiddy has lost interest.
Dogs need to be spayed or neutered to make sure there are no accidental litters meaning puppies without homes or going to bad homes, as well as trained to a high standard. Recently in the UK there was yet another story of a little girl killed by a dog. The dog was put to sleep like every other case and the owners left with no blame. Now I am very sorry for the family to of lose their child, but they should also lose their right to ever own animals again as they obviously hadn't trained their dog. The statement 'Blame the owner, not the breed.' rings very true here.

Yes. That would be my initial plan of action for taking over the country. Feel free to vote for me if the UK ever becomes a republic :) What's one main change you would make if you were President for a day?


  1. Wow, that is some set of rules Danielle, and I do agree with many of them Ms. President!

    Especially the paragraph that starts with "The elderly, genuinely disabled and veterans...." You hit it home there!


  2. Well done i totally agree with ALL your rules would'nt it be great if these were in effect now,this just shows you are caring,thoughtful and logical person and i am proud to have you as my daughter and my President if it were to be GREAT :D