Saturday, 4 May 2013

Charity Spotlight V.6

This charity was brought to my attention by the recent tragic events that struck Boston at their famous marathon on the 15th of April this year. Of which I send my heartfelt love and thoughts to all those effected in anyway.
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Alongside the usual emergency services, charities and of course amazingly generous members of the public (who opened their doors and kitchens to those in need), came the army of Comfort Dogs to the sides of people in need after the Boston Marathon explosions.
As an all things animal advocate, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this was my first introduction to the existence of canine therapy groups.

Described as offering unconditional love and being non-judgmental, dogs make the perfect pal to just have a cuddle with and generally make everyone smile - especially breaking the tension in the case of traumatic events.
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There are such groups in many countries that have a range of pets taken around on visits to the likes of hospitals, nursing homes and more - providing both young and old with the opportunity to spend some time with them.
'Pets As Therapy' is the UK's national charity. Any one can register and volunteer their time with their pet as long as the animal meets a certain small criteria and now that we know about it, once Baker is of age and has been neutered we will look into having him become a PAT dog!

There are other ways to support these unique therapy groups too such as donating and volunteering your time to help at fundraising events, so make sure to check out online for your nearest charity!
It's well worth it as while searching Google for images to use I was brought to tears by some of the faces obviously filled with pure joy, you should go have a peek :)

Let me know if you or someone you know is the owner of a therapy pet!

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  1. ahh darl what a brill selfless idea PAT dogs are and even better to see the joy and happiness on the peoples faces aswell and the dogs will love to be fussed over xxx WELL DONE for highlighting this exellent charity