Thursday, 23 May 2013

How to - DIY Tattooing..?*

So you want to look as cool as me and everyone else in the 'Inked and Awesome' series but lack the commitment and courage to take the plunge and go under the needle? Never fear you can create your very own body art in the comfort of your own home. And no, it doesn't include sewing needles and pen ink...

Rewind your brains to the best era ever - the 90's of course - and the little boxes of candy sticks or packets of gum that came with (you guessed it yet?) that little bit of paper with a silly glittery butterfly or tribal scorpion on the reverse. Well yes, they are back and yes they're a little more trendy than they were with companies such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters selling fashion focused packs. But no, that's not what this post is about.

Source 1,  Source 2,  Source 3. 

How freakin' awesome would it be to pick the exact design you want though? Or design your own tattoo and try it out before making it permanent?
Now hold onto your socks before they get blown off, YOU CAN! Ahhh.
Maybe I'm over reacting but I think this is so super cool, especially for my friends out there who have little kiddies drawing all over their body's trying to look like Mammy and Daddy. If I had a little person I'd totally let them pick out their own tattoo and ink them up with no more pain than the coldness of a damp sponge.
The perfect addition to help you win best dressed when attending a fancy dress party or change up a name tattoo to keep up with the latest girl/boy friend, I'm sure this is a bit of fun for all ages.

All it takes is this magical paper and a simple set of instructions as follows- 
1* Select the images you'd like to use from your computer (they could even be a drawing you've scanned in) and reverse them so it is a mirror image.

2* Print off your sheet of awesomeness with an inkjet printer onto the afor mentioned magical paper!

3* After the printed sheet has dried for a minimum of 30 minutes, apply the second half of the magical paper kit, which is the adhesive top sheet, to the top of your printed images making sure to press down firmly and leave not bubbles. 

4* Cut out your 'Ink' with either a craft knife or scissors and remove the plastic film. 

5* Place the tattoo sticky side down onto the desired skin location and dab the back with a damp sponge for around 45seconds until the you can feel the backing is ready to slide off then remove it.

TA DAHH. You're own custom body art that doesn't cost a bomb and can be removed without the need for lasers!
Remember to make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer as I'm sure this'll become addictive. Before I order some of the magical paper I'm gonna have to order some ink for my Canon inkjet printer which used to dread because of the price. However this awesome website has all the brands of inkjet and toner cartridges but without the hefty price tag.

Click here if you need Canon, here if you need HP and here for Epson. ;) You're welcome.

Make sure you tweet me a photo if you do tattoo yourself or your child! I'd love to see some of your ideas.
Oh and check out the rest of the Inked and Awesome series for some inspiration.


  1. Wow awesome idea! I'll have to go and get me some of this paper :)

    1. Pretty cool eh? I want to get some to stash away for when I eventually have a kid just to make them like me haha

  2. Wow - I remember those temporary tattoos! This is a good idea for someone who wants to test out getting a tattoo. Fun!

    1. Such a novelty when I was a kid. and I think so too.

  3. My socks are blown! I find it so cool that you can print whatever you want on it rather than being limited to what you can buy.

    Thank you for my lovely comment by the way! I'm really really loving exploring your world too - it's perfect! All three of your fluffs are gorgeous. xx

    1. Haha Isn't it?!

      And you are very welcome. Thank YOU so very much for visiting!! :)

  4. This reminds me of the temporary tattoos as a child yet I can't help but think how cool they look. I think if I put one of these on I would want a real tattoo.



    1. Haha nothing wrong with that. Tattoos are like pringles, once you start getting them you can't stop! I'm having