Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Wish, List V.13

It's very rare I get new clothes, unless it's a birthday, Christmas or the odd treat from my Mam. I have plenty and not being a follower of fashion it doesn't matter to me to keep up with trends.
But if I were to have a money tree and be able to treat myself to a new outfit for the summer, this would probably be it.

I saw these in the window of Office while in town this week with my parents. I 'need' them! 
Jake wears alot of LRG but I wasn't aware they did womens clothes I like the relaxed cut and fit of this as well as the tree logo.
Because of the shape of my legs this length of shorts is best. I already have a pair of Volcom ones, my favs.
To feed my cardigan obsession yet still be light and airy if we were to get hot weather!
This backpack is something inbetween my handbags and backpacks. Something just a little cuter for beach and park trips with Baker B.

When 'window' shopping online, I didn't specifically chose things to go together but I think these all go well actually. What do you think?


  1. Those Vans are AWESOME! I bought my first pair of Vans this week...so comfy!!!!


    1. They are lush eh?!
      I need a new pair as I'm down to only 2 pairs of Vans. I had to throw out my very first pair of checked slip ons as they were so torn up!

  2. i really like the cardigan!
    and i like your new design! :D

    1. Thank so much! :D I'm glad.

      And I'm a cardigan fiend haha.

  3. I really like the backpack!!!! I only buy clothes at thrift stores but last December I took about $100 and bought me several things- a new pair of steel toe boots (the ONLY thing I wear), 4 pair of "tattoo" leggings, a "Throttle Gals" hoodie since I was featured in their magazine, another REALLY cool "hippy type" hoodie with an AWESOME long hood and a tye dye bandana. I felt really good about my purchases and it really added to what I already owned. I think I might make this a tradition......I also think these type of "lists" you post are really cool!

    1. It's awesome isn't it! It's the tie dye type pattern that I love.
      Gonna do a post on tie dying when we move and make our own bed sheets! haha.

      Aw that sounds a brill tradition to have, after all everyone deserves to treat themselves once in a while. I had to wear steel toe boots when I worked in a factory once and they wrecked my already injured feet! I stick to skate shoes and bare feet lol.

      And thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them :D

  4. Ahhh those trainers are beautiful! x