Sunday, 12 May 2013

Inked and Awesome - Katty Delux

Name: Katty Delux
Age: A lady never tells
Website: or

How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it? 
21.  I got cherry tattoos on my chest, which are now covered.

What is your employment status/occupation and do your tattoos effect it? 
I am a treatment coordinator for an Orthodontic Office.
I have to wear a lab jacket or long sleeves every day, but I knew that, being in the medical industry, that I would be forgoing my sleeveless freedom, once I started tattooing my arms.

What is your favorite piece? What is the meaning behind it? 
I have a tooth crest, that says: "Brush the teeth you want to keep." It is my favorite because of my career field, and it is just super over the top cute.  My right arm sleeve is going to be full of cakes, candies, and an animal tea party once it is finished, and I like the juxtaposition of the tooth with the candy.  It is kind of perfect for me, seeing as I am a sweet tooth, and work in the dental field.

Do you have a favorite artist who you go back to or do you collect different artists work? Why?
Scott Shickman is my artist.  He works at the Mercy Seat, in Kansas City, and is known for his big, bold colors, and specializes in traditional tattoos, which is what I have.

Have you faced any specific discrimination due to being tattooed? 
I am a pinup model and have had some negative feedback from 'vintage purists' who say I should not have tattoos because they are not period appropriate, or that they ruin me.  Honestly, I got the tattoos for me, and for no one else, so I don't let it worry me.

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  1. She has some great ink and I love her style!