Saturday, 25 May 2013

JD Photography - I Quit.

The title says it all really. After 8 years in the trade both self employed and employed in other's studios etc I've decided to call it quits.
I put everything into the jobs I do and have always left clients smiling but as photography becomes more and more popular as a career choice, the competition (I use the word loosely because some work is so shoddy it can't be described as that) becomes almost impossible to beat.

A small example of my family portraiture.

Now I'm obviously not just gonna pack up my camera and studio equipment and forget the art and hobby that I've loved for so long.
If family or friends would choose to book me for a portrait session or wedding, I'd love nothing more than to do it but from now on I'll be no longer focusing on advertising.

- I adore the fact that we are lucky enough to have our own portable studio and take updated family portraits as and when we like. 
- I love having a folder full of photos documenting the life of our puppy and how much he's grown. 
- It's awesome to have beautiful memories from trips and days out, holiday's and family events that are way better than just the average personal snaps. 
- And bird watching has become a great passion for me. 

I'd prefer to keep enjoying all the above points than grow to resent taking photos which happens when the stress of trying to gain enough bookings for a successful living to come from takes over.

The awesome wildlife I've caught in their natural habitats.
So yeah, in a nut shell I am no longer striving to make photography my full time occupation. Rather reignite the passion of it as a hobby.
I'll leave you with a few more collages of previous work :) Hope you enjoy.
[Edit - Ooops! I forgot to mention I am still doing my Project 365 and am on day 145! You can check my photography blog out for update here.]

Model portfolio images.
My little family and home taken family portraits.


  1. :( sad day but i can see your point darl you have taken some amazing photos and i look foward to seeing your photos for the 365 challenge PLEASE remember to share with me any others even if you have to e-mail them to me ok love loads xx

  2. I was a professional wedding photographer for 10 years- made a good living at it. Back when I started there were very few people doing photography, much less weddings! It changed the day you could walk into a Wal Mart or any other store and buy a "good" camera. Everybody then had one and they figured why pay someone else when you could do it for free. Yep, the world has changed and now "everyone is a photographer". I had to move on to another "career" and unfortunately am having to move on once again. I wish both of us luck in finding the "next big thing".

    1. Ah I had no idea you were a photographer! That's awesome. But yes a big shame and you hit the nail on the head, 'Everyone's a photographer'.
      Thank you very much and all the luck in the world for your future career :)

  3. you take beautiful pictures! it's a shame that you have to quit, but reigniting photography as a hobby is a good thing too, right? :)

  4. I can totally understand what you mean. Professional photography must be insanely stressful - people are very demanding, especially when it comes to their wedding. That can't be much fun sometimes.
    But never give up on it as a hobby! I love your photos, especially your animal photography (that squirrel picture is gold!), the birds and the portraits - the one on the top left where the girl has her face in her hand and looks up sideways is stunning.
    I'd love to have you roam around on our farm one day and take pictures, it would be magic!

    1. I've been lucky enough to have fab clients who were relaxed by my organized yet laidback approach making for a lot of fun. The only stress I got was being so overly critical of my own work and after a wedding the hours of editing and putting together an album! ha.
      I never will, I love it too much :) and post everyday on my project 365 blog!
      Thanks so much, I really appreciate hearing feedback like that! :D
      Oh don't tempt me lol I have some brilliant photos from petting farms and animal sanctuarys, I'd have a field day.

  5. Hi Danielle, Thank you for becoming my latest follower. Your photos look wonderful and it is a shame that you are giving up your career in photography. I'm sure you will still take fantastic pictures as a hobby. It must have been a great experience sky diving for the Monkey sanctuary which is nearby they do such a wonderful job in giving the rescued animals a new and safe home.
    Sarah x

    1. Oh Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for such lovely words :)
      It was amazing (the video is here if you'd like to see! > )

  6. Hey Danielle,

    Sorry to hear you are quitting photography, your pics have a lot of life in them, love it! But I know what you mean though, this society is tough and when it comes to paying bills and putting food on the table, choices are narrowed!

    All the best in your new venture !!


  7. Hope you don't quit it totally. Maybe just take a breather and come back to it later on. You take such great pics!