Thursday, 2 May 2013

JD Photography - Project 365 4/12

I know I said the same last month, but seriously - this year is going way too fast! Life is short enough as it is without the days flying past like they are and if we weren't having such a bad time just now it would be even more of a shame.
After the sudden passing away of our beautiful baby Nike on April 1st, I've made an effort to spend alot more time with Bunny as he seemed as if he was on deaths door too. Thankfully, it was apparently just shock and grieving and he's doing well now but that just proves how even little rabbits have feelings making the thought of animal testing and cruelty even more upsetting.
Anyways! haha Make sure to pop over to see the full size images by clicking HERE. Please do follow that blog by GFC or BlogLovin' :) and let me know your thoughts!! Thanks guys, hope you all had a lovely April.

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